Revisiting the Senior Grilled Cheese

In college, we got to know the staff at Denny’s so well (partly due to the fact that my husband, brother, and one of my best friends all worked there) that they’d occasionally let us order things we weren’t supposed to, like the Senior Grilled Cheese–a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato slice.004

There was no grilled cheese on the regular menu, just the kid’s and the senior’s. Apparently people between the ages of 13 and 64 are too classy or not classy enough for cheese and bread, two of my favorite things.


When we were feeling really crazy, we’d order the senior grilled cheese with a fried egg on top.

007It was much classier than Denny’s Breakfast Burger, a burger topped with cheese, a fried egg, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage gravy, aka a heart attack on a plate.


With only one heirloom tomato left in the fridge, I told Dave we were having Senior Grilled Cheese for dinner last night. He requested a Senior Quesadilla, and I obliged.


Then he was jealous of my grilled cheese sandwich.


Wheat bread, pesto, tomato slice, artichokes, and cheddar cheese.


Yes, please.


Served with leftover roasted green beans and onions, because seniors always eat their veggies.


Thursday Things

1. I did my own version of 30 Day Shred yesterday while catching up on the most recent episode of Breaking Bad.


Talk about an intense workout! I never would have thought that I would side with Jesse over Walt. It is so interesting to see how their characters have morphed through the seasons.

Jesse has grown out a beard, and I could not put my finger on who he looks like now. Was it a famous actor? Dave? (I’m beardist and think all men with beards look the same, apparently). I got it at last–the exercise instructor Bob Harper!







Am I right? No wonder I had such a good workout.

2. Dave had an overnight route yesterday, so I heated up my favorite quick meal for dinner: curry from Kitchens of India. Like most packaged foods, it has a lot of sodium, but I don’t eat very many packaged foods, so I don’t think it hurts me every once in awhile.


This was Chickpea Curry topped with a heaping spoonful of plain Greek yogurt. Due to the upper 80 degree weather, our air conditioning was on, making the spicy curry manageable. I love curry.

3. I’m a quarter of the way through my new Kindle book Shantaram.

26349 Pan_Shanataram_cov.indd

In this novel, based on the real life events of the author’s life, a man who escapes from prison after being convicted of robbery ends up in Bombay, living in the slums and acting as a doctor to the community.

The vivid portrayal of Bombay and the warm diablogue between Lin (the convict) and his hired guide Prabaker made me wonder why I haven’t read this book already. Loving it so far.

4. Dave and I are going to Stevens Point this weekend. Yes, AGAIN. I thought fish and guests started to stink after three days, but Emily and Dan keep inviting us back. They must like us as much as we like them.

 On the docket this weekend: The Riverfront Jazz Festival.

jazz festival


Honestly, I was never really a huge fan of jazz until I took a class called Evolution of Jazz in college. It was by far one of my favorite classes. The two songs that have stuck with me most are Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” (the saddest song I have heard to date) and Charles Mingus’ “Fables of Faubus.” I love how close history is tied to jazz music, particularly regarding civil rights.

5. I’m going to see Mumford & Sons in concert next Tuesday night.


I’m excited.

Why We Spend a Lot of Money on Food

Why are there two cans of crab meat in the pantry?

Because I was going to make crab cakes three months ago.

Why is there an unopened bag of orzo in the pantry?

Because I was going to make a vegetable orzo salad two months ago for Illgenstock, and then I went out and bought ingredients to make German-ish Potato-ish Salad instead.

How long have we had this pesto ravioli in the freezer?

Umm….four months? Whenever I last made ravioli lasagna. Oh, wait. My blog tells me that was January. Yikes.

I’ve been craving risotto the last few days, but I keep reminding myself not to stop at the grocery store after work when we have plenty of food at home that simply needs to be used up before we buy more. But…but…drunken risotto?


Not yet. Patience, young grasshopper.

I didn’t really have time to stop at the grocery store yesterday, anyway. After work, I drove straight to the auto place where I bought my car so they could figure out why it was leaking and shaking. I handed over my keys and was given a replacement car for the day.



Then I did something I haven’t done since Alaska…..


It was time. Thirty minutes of 30 Day Shred later, I had a voicemail on my phone to call the auto place back. Turns out the leaking was just the air conditioner (which apparently is normal, and I’m just stupid for never having noticed it on any of my cars before), and the shaking was due to a gap in the spark plug, which they fixed lickety split and free of charge.

So I drove back to the auto place and took Serenity home with me. Or she took me home.


And then, in an effort to use up the food we already have in the house, I tried to calm my desire for fresh roasted veggies with a bag of frozen green beans and cocktail onions leftover from the time I made Mushroom Bourguignon. Which apparently was in March.


I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar (the good stuff) over the veggies, sprinkled them with salt and freshly ground pepper, and roasted them at 425 for 25 minutes.

Then, out came the pesto ravioli and the leftover sauce I froze after making meatball subs a few weeks ago.



I topped the pesto ravioi with sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. The pesto ravioli was awesome; I can’t believe it took me that long to use it up.


And since I’m a snob when it comes to vegetables, I think the only way to cook frozen veggies now is with balsamic vinegar.


Here’s to a not really free meal!

Don’t Settle

When I was in Alaska, I was inspired by the beauty that surrounded me. How could I not be, waking up to this every morning?072

Sometimes you get so used to being in the place you are that you forget to keep looking in other places for beauty. It reminds me of the song lyric “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

That’s terrible advice. Terrible.

In my opinion, one should never settle. Not for a person, not for a place, not for a mood.

It wasn’t only the beauty of Seward that gave me this realization, but the people.

424 I learned in many conversations that most of them work in Seward during the summer months, then travel to Colorado for the winter months to work at ski resorts. It’s not their jobs that define them, but their spirit, their desire to travel and not get bogged down by whatever it is that makes adventurous people feel the need to stay put. For me, it’s fear.

Fear of being so far away from my family. Fear of losing contact with my friends. Fear of leaving the known to travel to the unknown. Fear of starting over.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m not afraid anymore. I’m ready to take a leap, to stop talking about doing things and actually start doing them. There were a lot of reasons for me not to go to Alaska, but I went anyway. There are also a lot of reasons for me to stay where I am, doing what I’m doing, but I’m done with that. And maybe, just maybe, I needed to type all this out to lose even more of that fear.

Hopefully soon, that will all make sense. Suffice it to say that something happened yesterday that excited and terrified me, but it was the first time I was more excited than terrified.

So. Food. 😀

I have a big love for Summer Garden Couscous Salad. It’s one of my favorite recipes ever, which is kind of silly because it’s so simple. I’ve made it so many times that I have the recipe memorized, but I keep making changes every time I make it.

My new recipe goes like this:

  • 2 cups cooked couscous (preferably cooked in vegetable broth for extra flavor)
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • Lots of assorted veggies
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tbsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • salt & pepper to taste

Following a recipe is fun for dinner parties, but it’s kind of obnoxious during the week when you don’t have the time or money to pick up specific ingredients each night for dinner. I like this recipe because I can use whatever veggies we have at home, and it always tastes awesome. I make sure we always have couscous and feta on hand.

Dave picked up this bag of couscous two weeks ago in Stevens Point and (nicely) demanded that I make couscous salad with it. Done.


Most couscous is cooked in a 1:1 ratio with liquid, but because of the added ingredients in this mix, I used two cups of vegetable broth to 1 1/2 cups couscous.

While the couscous was cooking, I roasted brussels sprouts, a chopped onion, and one of our huge heirloom tomatoes from last week.


I mixed up the roasted veggies, couscous, feta, and oil mixture.


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Because I roasted the tomatoes instead of adding them fresh, this couscous salad was a lot juicier than normal, but still amazingly delicious.

Another Wonderful Weekend

Dave and I have a problem: we have mentally checked out of living in Green Bay. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be visiting our friends Dan & Emily in Stevens Point as much as possible.  We’ve had three apartments and a lot of good times in Green Bay, but we’re both ready for a change. Now we just have to get all of our other friends to follow behind us.

Just like last weekend, Dave and I packed up Friday afternoon and made the drive to Stevens Point. Dave was exhausted having only slept three hours the night before, so we did something crazy and I drove. Dave hates being a passenger and drives 95% of the time, which works out well because I don’t normally like being behind the wheel. Fortunately, the drive to Stevens Point is a nice, scenic one with not too much annoying traffic. Plus I got to drive the nice car.


Dan and Em had been invited to a cookout at a friend’s house Friday night, and I felt a little weird crashing it. That feeling didn’t last long, because Sara and Pete were so down-to-earth and welcoming. Their house was an old log barn located in a beautiful forest off the beaten path.

The hosts laid out a spread of brats and hamburgers, grilled veggies, baked beans, chips, and coleslaw, and we all enjoyed a few beers while dining and chatting. After leaving the cookout, we spent the rest of the night hanging out at Dan and Em’s house.


The next morning, we geared up to head out to the farmer’s market, just as we had the Saturday prior. Our plans for the day were to go to a music festival, Bluegrass in the Pines, so we wandered around picking up whatever looked good and simple to snack on. 

011While there, Dave and I shared a delicious breakfast of egg rolls and spring rolls.


The spring rolls were filled with rice noodles, not heaps of veggies like I’m used to, but they were served with a really good cilantro dipping sauce.008

After leaving the farmer’s market and making a quick trip to the grocery market, we went back to the house and started prepping.

014Dan chopped watermelon, Dave made quick pickled vegetables with red and rice wine vinegar and garlic salt, and I made a dip with cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, garlic powder, fresh dill, and pepper.

015As soon as our friend Amanda arrived, we packed up the car with coolers and chairs and headed out to the bluegrass festival.


It was $15 to get into the festival, which included music from noon til midnight.022

019 We picked a spot to camp out, opened some beer, and got ready for an entertaining day.029

Dan and Em’s friends Katie and Alexis showed up later with their adorable daughter Lily. How cute is this family?!


I’m definitely biased towards Aurelia as my favorite kid, but Lily is pretty awesome.




We ended up with a wonderful spread of food. Green beans, banana peppers, and carrots with the dill dip, pickled veggies, cubed watermelon, pickles, cheese, and a loaf of freshly baked rosemary garlic bread. Yum.




We saw kids walking by with a delicious looking ice cream concoction, so Dave and I set out to find one for the group to share.032

It was advertised as a flume, and I’m not sure what that meant–maybe some sort of variation of a flurry? It tasted like creamy frozen yogurt with oreo and m&m pieces, so obviously it was delicious.




Our friend JD showed up, too.


The music was great, and we couldn’t help but dance.



We were having such a great time that the group of us headed back to Em and Dan’s house right after it got dark to continue the awesome.




Alexis and Dave had a great time swapping food stories earlier, and Alexis later had the brilliant crazy idea to start cooking at midnight.


Pizza-ish crust.


Some sort of filling.084

Cream cheese and spinach for sure….but I have no idea what else went in here besides honey.


Baked and done. It was….interesting to say the least. After tidying up a little bit, it was definitely time for bed.

Dave and I slept in until 11 on Sunday morning. Not too crazy, considering I went to bed around 3am, but it was still the latest I have slept in in a long time. Dan and Em had most of the house clean already from last night’s shenanigans, so after drinking coffee and tea, we walked to a pub & grill called Grafitti’s for food and bloody marys.


On Sunday mornings, Graffiti’s features a bloody mary bar. Basically they give you a glass full of ice and vodka, and you do the rest.


I mixed mine with steak sauce, hot sauce, and horseradish bloody mary mix. My garnishes included a pickle, pickled mushrooms, a green olive, and a spear of asparagus.


We were also given a beef stick and a chaser of beer. Not bad for $5.

I was pretty hungry at that point and decided to go all out with a veggie burger with pepperjack cheese and fresh cut fries.096

The chopped up tomatoes were a strange addition to the burger (what happened to the slices?) but the veggie burger was really grainy and good. The fries were a little shoestringy but crispy and tasty.

Clearly everyone was hungry because we pretty much demolished everything we ordered.


The walk to and from Em & Dan’s house and the town isn’t very far, but it was getting quite hot out, so we took a detour to the fountain.


Much better.


It was a perfect lazy Sunday, and I didn’t want to leave.




But all good things must come to an end.

Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling

We have a winner!

Like most avid readers, I think it would have been really interesting to read The Cuckoo’s Calling before I found out that Roger Galbraith was a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling. However, my chances of picking up this crime fiction novel would have been slim had I not known it was Rowling. I don’t follow Grisham, and the closest I get to crime fiction is from watching Bones and BBC’s Sherlock.


The storyline was what you’d expect: at the start of the novel, a supermodel is found murdered, and her brother hires a private detective to track down her killer, though her death had previously been ruled a suicide.

Despite the ordinary plot, the tale is deftly woven, and the characters emerge from the pages as living, breathing beings. Though Lula, the supermodel, is dead even before the start of the novel, she comes back to life as Detective Strike discovers more and more about her.

If you’re looking for a who-dunnit, this isn’t really it, as Strike keeps most of his thoughts to himself regarding who the killer is. I myself couldn’t even venture more than a half-hearted guess because there wasn’t enough information present from my eyes to decide.

However, it was the first time in ages that I read a book I didn’t want to put down, and it wasn’t because of the suspense. Strike and his secretary Robin made an intriguing team, and I would love to see a sequel to this book.

Heirloom Tomato Calzones

I’m so glad Dave ventured for a walk on Wednesday at the market to buy a bunch of heirloom tomatoes.


They’re so flipping good, I can’t stand it.

After splitting one raw Wednesday night, he used them again for breakfast yesterday morning.


Deconstructed bagel sandwich with garden vegetable cream cheese, a seasoned fried egg (I think he used Oregano), cheddar cheese, and some of the delicious tomato. Chocolate Caramel Brownie coffee on the side to ease my throat….amazing.

When Dave wondered what to do with all the tomatoes, I thought we should combine them with my question of what to do with all these hearts. After all, we had another five pound can. Though heirloom tomatoes are best eaten raw, I suggested tomato and artichoke calzones, and our masterpiece stemmed from there.


Dave was the dough boy, of course. He made regular pizza crust and added seasonings, then split it into seven ounce portions to rise.


How he can make dough from memory, I’ll never know.


Meanwhile, I was excited to test out the gift I brought Dave back from Alaska–an ulu. I used it to dice the artichoke hearts, and it worked out wonderfully.

I also shredded some mozzarella while Dave sliced tomatoes and chopped onions.


We stood side by side and piled the dough rounds high with tomatoes, artichokes, onions, spinach, and mozzarella, and I eyeballed the additoin of oregano, basil, marjoram, and red pepper flakes.


Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is teamwork.


Dave said, “We work really well together in the kitchen,” and I just about died because I’ve never once heard him say that before. Usually he does his thing and I do mine when we’re in the kitchen. Calzone-making is apparently where our strength in teamwork lies.

We baked the calzones at 435 for about 30 minutes. While the calzones baked, I cuddled with Athena while we watched The Rock with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery.


Athena has been all about the cuddling lately.

After giving them time to cool, Dave presented me with this.


It tasted a million times better than it looked (which was drop dead gorgeous). The crust was amazing, and the heirloom tomatoes really made all the difference in these calzones. Dave said, and I have to agree with him, that I’ve never eaten a better tasting calzone in a restaurant. Time to open for business!

Solace….On Broadway!

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been to a farmer’s market without any interest in walking, vendors, or fresh vegetables. My brother’s band Solace was scheduled to entertain at the market for five hours, and I’m definitely a band-aid: where they go, I will follow (within reason).

It was another one of my perfect no-work Wednesdays. My tonsils have still been giving me a little trouble, but I’ve placated them with more Dayquil, Ibuprofen, and chloraseptic for the last few days to keep myself going.

Something really exciting about not working….I get to eat breakfast!

Yes, I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, blah blah blah, but I have absolutely no appetite at 4 in the morning, and I’m not allowed to eat at my desk. I try to sneak a granola bar in sometimes, but it is inevitable that I will have a mouthful when a patient presents at my desk, which doesn’t look very professional, so I try to steer clear.

Yesterday’s breakfast: egg white scramble with spinach, feta cheese, and salsa (best combination ever) with a side of a blueberry bagel thin with garden vegetable cream cheese. Yum.




I also had the last bit of iced coffee from the fridge.

003While dining, I spent the entire morning (three hours!) finishing The Cuckoo’s Calling on my Kindle.



It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that I couldn’t bear to put down. I’ll do a proper review later, but in short: I loved it.

Right after I finished my book, I hopped in the shower and headed to my grandma’s for a little while to see her, my aunt, and Aurelia.



We left Aurelia in Aunt Dina’s care and headed to see Despicable Me 2. I was late seeing the original, but I loved it and was really excited to see the sequel.

The verdict: not as good as the first, but still really cute. Those three girls are flippin’ adorable, and I love Gru’s character.

Right after the movie, we headed to the main event: Solace at the Farmer’s Market on Broadway!


The main stage was kind of a laugh, as there was no main stage in sight, nor any place for the boys to plug in their amps or instruments. However, I loved listening to them play acoustic; it was nice to hear them showcase their voices.


They drew quite a crowd, but the band-aids were there for the whole event.




It was really warm at the market, in the upper 80s, so we did our best to stay in the shade. I only left my spot for beer.


Dave was much more proactive and took a quick walk around the market and purchased the most gorgeous looking heirloom tomatoes.


There are not many vegetables more delicious uncooked than a ripe, juicy heirloom tomato.

It felt like a Friday with all the fun we were having.



Solace did a lot of requests, including our new favorite “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”







Em and I just had to get up and dance for “Ballroom Blitz.” I like that our wedding made that song a Solace cover, because it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

PicMonkey Collage

After a few beers, I was in the market for some food. I decided to try out the wood-fired pizza place that had piqued my interest last time I was at the market.

I put in my request for a tomato basil pizza and five minutes later, voila!


The ingredients were incredibly fresh, the tomatoes were flavorful, and the crust was super chewy and delicious. Good choice on my part.

With the threat of thunderstorms hovering, we packed up and left just before closing time. Em came to crash at our apartment and entertain us for a few hours before bed.

PicMonkey Collage1

It was a good Wednesday.

Photo Dump

Are there pictures on your phone that you just can’t bear to get rid of?

I am constantly snapping pictures with my iPhone, which I upload every morning before deleting, but there are some pictures that have been hanging out permanently. You can tell a lot about a person by the things they hang onto. Here’s a random mix of what’s still on my phone.

This is the first instagram photo I took with my phone of my cat Athena. I love how regal she looks in this picture. The last few nights she has taken to sleeping on top of my pillow just above my head, like she’s guarding to make sure I don’t leave again.


This is the second instagram photo I took with my phone of my cat Artemis. He loves to play but he is not super cuddly, so my heart always warms a bit when he crawls on my lap and falls asleep.


My friend Shelby came with Dave and me to Savour Green Bay. I haven’t known Shelby very long but she is one of my best friends. Her smile is contagious.


We went to see Gaelic Storm play at Oshkosh Irish Fest this year, and one of the lead singers, Steve, took a drink out of my flask after signing it. Obviously I couldn’t delete it from my phone.


I found this tidbit in a magazine that I read while we were flying to Alaska. It’s a good reminder to myself that I can be a realistic person and still choose to focus on all the wonderful things in my life instead of dwelling on the negative things.017

I took this picture at my friend John’s housewarming party of my brother Tyler. It’s too bad the picture is blurry, because it’s one of the rare photos where my brother is smiling, and it’s not forced. It’s so…Tyler. Love this picture.021

One of my favorite places to go during the summer doesn’t belong to me at all: it’s my friend Dan’s parent’s cabin. I took this picture while I was sitting on the dock one morning and kept it as a reminder that summer will always return, and it will be glorious.157

With one of my favorite people on the planet: my friend Emily at Illgenstock. Just looking at her reminds me of everything good in my life.


My little moonbeam with me at the farmer’s market. Being an aunt is even more awesome than I thought. I absolutely love this expression on her face for some reason.


So. Much. Love. Every time I look at this picture. My Davy and I dressed to the nines at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Good times.045


I have a feeling that it’s going to be another week without a routine. My tonsils randomly swelled Sunday night, so I’ve been following the nurse’s advice as well as possible to keep myself out of pain: sudafed, ibuprofen, gargling salt water, chloraseptic spray. And Dave made Beef Vegetable Soup last night.


It was 81 degrees, and I was sweating over my bowl of soup, but I still went back for another half bowl of mostly broth. Hurts so good.

What’s one picture with a permanent spot on your phone?

Definition of a Perfect Weekend

I arrived home to a sparkling apartment Friday afternoon. Dave had the day off and had taken it upon himself to clean everything (and trust me, it needed it). That meant as soon as I got home, all I had to do was shower and pack before we could be on our way to Stevens Point for Dan & Emily’s housewarming party.

I’m so used to all of our road trips taking 2 1/2 hours to visit Dave’s parents that the 1 1/2 hour drive went by relatively quickly.002

I get slight motion sickness, and anything over an hour and a half is usually the point at which I start feeling queasy and need to stick my head out the window.


Luckily, just as I started to get tired of being in the car, we arrived. I absolutely loved Dan & Em’s house. It was so them: open, yet cozy, warm and inviting. I can’t picture them living anywhere else.


After getting a tour of the house, we cracked open one of their home brew beers (and a couple others).


After a few drinks, we walked several blocks to try one of the restaurants that they both routinely rave about: Father Fats, a tapas style public house.010

The menu changes daily with small plates that are perfect for people who love to share. That’s us!


Father Fats had a very large beverage menu as well, boasting homemade cocktails, beer, and wine.


Their cocktail menu looked great but mostly consisted of sweet drinks, and I was in the mood for something savory so I went with my old standby: a dirty Tanqueray martini.


It was a beautiful night to dine outside.


The atmosphere of the restaurant was very eclectic. I loved the outdoor patio for dining with lights strung above. I do have to admit that the tables were not really my style but they certainly made a great backdrop for food photos.

It took us awhile to decide what we wanted, so we ordered in two batches. First up: Beef Carpaccio served with brie.


Next, (because Dan & Em make friends with everyone) we were served complimentary Crab Rangoons with sriracha.


There was no cream cheese present: these babies were stuffed to the brim with fresh blue crab, a far cry from the krab we are used to.


Seared tuna with hoisin sauce.




Curried mussels.


Collard greens.

Now I know why they love this place so much. The food was excellent and the service was wonderful. We were too full to enjoy dessert and decided instead to finish our meal with french press coffee.


Perfect after dinner treat.

We walked back to the house (I love how much of a walking/biking town SP is) and spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others company. Love those guys.

The next morning, we headed to the farmer’s market to pick up some food for the party.


I loved how much easier this market was to navigate than the market in Green Bay.


And it was adorable watching all the kids run through the fountain located at the center. We headed back to the house with our market finds, including this lovely two-mato.


Dave stayed at the house on bread duty while Dan, Em, and I ran a few more errands. After we came back and made sandwiches for lunch, food prepping commenced.


I was in charge of the hummus and made a roasted garlic variety while Em sliced and diced vegetables and salami.





Dave’s bread turned out beautifully.

PicMonkey Collage


And I couldn’t resist setting up an artsy food photo on the awesome butcher block that Dan and Em bought for their kitchen.


I love food.


In the early afternoon, there was a staggered arrival of friends and the fun began.




It was another beautiful night, so some of us headed outside while Dan grilled up a few bratwurst.

PicMonkey Collage1













It was a wonderful evening including a bonfire, a game, and plenty of moonshine.

I slept in the next morning until nine and woke up to all of my favorite faces.


We snacked on some delicious scones that my mom had sent while Em made pancakes in the kitchen.






Plenty of coffee was also consumed.


Breakfast is served.

I had a blueberry pancake with real maple syrup and a few pieces of uncured bacon. Delicious.

Most of the gang headed out soon after, but a bunch of us stayed to hang out as long as possible.071

JD thrilled us all with his made-up jokes. “Did you get it?”



Then we headed back inside for clean up.


How many people does it take to clean a stove?


After some dishes and scrubbing, we paraded into the living room to flop down on the floor and do absolutely nothing. It was glorious.






Though it pained me to do so, Dave and I finally left for home at 3:00pm. I slept the entire way back to Green Bay.


After we got home, I cuddled with Athena while we watched The Big Bang Theory and ate pizza.


And I wished I was still back in Stevens Point.

Perfect weekend.