Revisiting the Senior Grilled Cheese

In college, we got to know the staff at Denny’s so well (partly due to the fact that my husband, brother, and one of my best friends all worked there) that they’d occasionally let us order things we weren’t supposed to, like the Senior Grilled Cheese–a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato slice.004

There was no grilled cheese on the regular menu, just the kid’s and the senior’s. Apparently people between the ages of 13 and 64 are too classy or not classy enough for cheese and bread, two of my favorite things.


When we were feeling really crazy, we’d order the senior grilled cheese with a fried egg on top.

007It was much classier than Denny’s Breakfast Burger, a burger topped with cheese, a fried egg, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage gravy, aka a heart attack on a plate.


With only one heirloom tomato left in the fridge, I told Dave we were having Senior Grilled Cheese for dinner last night. He requested a Senior Quesadilla, and I obliged.


Then he was jealous of my grilled cheese sandwich.


Wheat bread, pesto, tomato slice, artichokes, and cheddar cheese.


Yes, please.


Served with leftover roasted green beans and onions, because seniors always eat their veggies.


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