Another Wonderful Weekend

Dave and I have a problem: we have mentally checked out of living in Green Bay. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be visiting our friends Dan & Emily in Stevens Point as much as possible.  We’ve had three apartments and a lot of good times in Green Bay, but we’re both ready for a change. Now we just have to get all of our other friends to follow behind us.

Just like last weekend, Dave and I packed up Friday afternoon and made the drive to Stevens Point. Dave was exhausted having only slept three hours the night before, so we did something crazy and I drove. Dave hates being a passenger and drives 95% of the time, which works out well because I don’t normally like being behind the wheel. Fortunately, the drive to Stevens Point is a nice, scenic one with not too much annoying traffic. Plus I got to drive the nice car.


Dan and Em had been invited to a cookout at a friend’s house Friday night, and I felt a little weird crashing it. That feeling didn’t last long, because Sara and Pete were so down-to-earth and welcoming. Their house was an old log barn located in a beautiful forest off the beaten path.

The hosts laid out a spread of brats and hamburgers, grilled veggies, baked beans, chips, and coleslaw, and we all enjoyed a few beers while dining and chatting. After leaving the cookout, we spent the rest of the night hanging out at Dan and Em’s house.


The next morning, we geared up to head out to the farmer’s market, just as we had the Saturday prior. Our plans for the day were to go to a music festival, Bluegrass in the Pines, so we wandered around picking up whatever looked good and simple to snack on. 

011While there, Dave and I shared a delicious breakfast of egg rolls and spring rolls.


The spring rolls were filled with rice noodles, not heaps of veggies like I’m used to, but they were served with a really good cilantro dipping sauce.008

After leaving the farmer’s market and making a quick trip to the grocery market, we went back to the house and started prepping.

014Dan chopped watermelon, Dave made quick pickled vegetables with red and rice wine vinegar and garlic salt, and I made a dip with cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, garlic powder, fresh dill, and pepper.

015As soon as our friend Amanda arrived, we packed up the car with coolers and chairs and headed out to the bluegrass festival.


It was $15 to get into the festival, which included music from noon til midnight.022

019 We picked a spot to camp out, opened some beer, and got ready for an entertaining day.029

Dan and Em’s friends Katie and Alexis showed up later with their adorable daughter Lily. How cute is this family?!


I’m definitely biased towards Aurelia as my favorite kid, but Lily is pretty awesome.




We ended up with a wonderful spread of food. Green beans, banana peppers, and carrots with the dill dip, pickled veggies, cubed watermelon, pickles, cheese, and a loaf of freshly baked rosemary garlic bread. Yum.




We saw kids walking by with a delicious looking ice cream concoction, so Dave and I set out to find one for the group to share.032

It was advertised as a flume, and I’m not sure what that meant–maybe some sort of variation of a flurry? It tasted like creamy frozen yogurt with oreo and m&m pieces, so obviously it was delicious.




Our friend JD showed up, too.


The music was great, and we couldn’t help but dance.



We were having such a great time that the group of us headed back to Em and Dan’s house right after it got dark to continue the awesome.




Alexis and Dave had a great time swapping food stories earlier, and Alexis later had the brilliant crazy idea to start cooking at midnight.


Pizza-ish crust.


Some sort of filling.084

Cream cheese and spinach for sure….but I have no idea what else went in here besides honey.


Baked and done. It was….interesting to say the least. After tidying up a little bit, it was definitely time for bed.

Dave and I slept in until 11 on Sunday morning. Not too crazy, considering I went to bed around 3am, but it was still the latest I have slept in in a long time. Dan and Em had most of the house clean already from last night’s shenanigans, so after drinking coffee and tea, we walked to a pub & grill called Grafitti’s for food and bloody marys.


On Sunday mornings, Graffiti’s features a bloody mary bar. Basically they give you a glass full of ice and vodka, and you do the rest.


I mixed mine with steak sauce, hot sauce, and horseradish bloody mary mix. My garnishes included a pickle, pickled mushrooms, a green olive, and a spear of asparagus.


We were also given a beef stick and a chaser of beer. Not bad for $5.

I was pretty hungry at that point and decided to go all out with a veggie burger with pepperjack cheese and fresh cut fries.096

The chopped up tomatoes were a strange addition to the burger (what happened to the slices?) but the veggie burger was really grainy and good. The fries were a little shoestringy but crispy and tasty.

Clearly everyone was hungry because we pretty much demolished everything we ordered.


The walk to and from Em & Dan’s house and the town isn’t very far, but it was getting quite hot out, so we took a detour to the fountain.


Much better.


It was a perfect lazy Sunday, and I didn’t want to leave.




But all good things must come to an end.


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