Thursday Things

1. I almost spiked my coffee with eggnog this morning, before I remembered that drinking before or during work is frowned upon. I used milk instead.

2. I’ve now covered pretty much every way to cook salmon. I’ve covered it with maple syrup and broiled it, turned it into pizza, grilled it, added it to brie en croute, and now, covered it with hummus and baked it.


It’s as easy as it sounds. Spread hummus over salmon, and bake at 450 degrees for about twenty to thirty minutes. Super yum.

3. I hoped this week that everyone would be in the holiday spirit like Buddy from Elf. They’re not. All week long, patients have been telling me our building is ugly and in a terrible place, they’re mad because other people are fighting for their 7:00am therapy time, and they can’t believe they have to wait a whole month to schedule a bone density test. I’m trying to smile extra to make up for it. Besides, I had a lovely sunrise to enjoy yesterday morning.


4. Everyone keeps asking, “Are you ready for Christmas?” Physically, yes. The presents are bought and wrapped and nestled under the tree, and, come Friday, I’ll have money for food, booze, and gas. Mentally, hell no.  I’m not ready to spend what might be the last Christmas where my grandma remembers my name. I’m not ready to spend my uncle’s last Christmas with him because of fat, stupid, ugly cancer. I want to relive the Christmas where I’m ten, and I’m surrounded by my siblings and parents, and I spend the next few days reading Harry Potter for the first time and going to movies, and playing outside in the snow, and having my dad tell me not to watch any more TV.

5. I don’t care. I’m going to drink eggnog, light the tree, love every morsel of every person, kiss my husband, hug my parents, laugh with my siblings, and enjoy this crazy, beautiful, heartbreaking holiday season until I explode.



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