Snow or Cold?

I haven’t decided which I prefer, although after shoveling this weekend, I’m leaning towards cold (mostly because my car started this morning!).

The house was in dire need of cleaning, so I decided to tackle the bathroom and the kitchen this Saturday, which took me a couple hours from start to finish. Dave washed dishes while I took out the garbage, and then we bundled up to go shovel together.







There is seriously nowhere to put the snow anymore, so I’m really hoping it stops soon. Despite the piles upon piles, it really was a beautiful day. If you continued to stare into the bright blue sky, you could almost imagine that it would pull you into it and take you somewhere warm with an equally blue sky reflecting off cool waters.


Cleaning and shoveling took us into the early evening, whereupon Dave started working on some ham stock while I headed to the grocery store to stock up on veggies.

Our friends were attending a Central Waters Brewery anniversary party, but Dave and I are trying to watch our funds carefully the next few months until I have my car all paid up. We were invited to dinner later, so we decided to make some guacamole together for an appetizer.



We generally follow Alton Brown’s guacamole recipe, only we didn’t add cilantro as our friend Emily isn’t keen on it.

Dave and I cooking together is always interesting since we both have different methods to our cooking madness. Even something as simple as guacamole: I mash the avocados and fold in the tomatoes, onions, and spices; Dave mashes everything together at the same time, just enough not to over-mix. So we compromised and did it Dave’s way…008


I pressed plastic wrap right down on the guacamole with another one over the bowl to block all the air out. I’ve noticed that makes the guacamole last a lot longer than normal. A ziploc bag with the air squished out works really well, too. Brown guacamole just doesn’t taste as good.

We finally got a text that the gang had arrived back from the party, and Dave and I rushed over to see our friends.








I think this is my new favorite picture of me and Dan.019




Dan made us some delicious pizza, which I forgot to take pictures of, but he saved one crust to make breakfast pizza the next day.




My mom called Saturday to let me know that she and her BFF Debbie were going to swing through Stevens Point on their way home from Bayfield, so we eagerly made plans to meet at Call It New, Call It Antique.

I couldn’t sleep very well Saturday night so I went out to the couch to watch one of my Oscar movies: Her. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix in a movie, but he is a great actor. The movie was weird, but really interesting, and it had me hooked until the end.


Dave woke up late, and we headed back over to Em and Dan’s just after noon for a short visit. Dan was working on Bloody Marys for everyone, but I had to decline since Dave and I had to leave shortly to meet Mom and wouldn’t have enough time to drink it.

Five minutes later, he came out with this for me.



A tiny Bloody Mary in a shot glass with tiny condiments to boot.

Oh, and did I mention that my friend Amanda knit me these wonderfully warm gauntlets, in addition to giving us her old flat screen to replace our big, boxy tube screen?



I have the best friends.

I talk to my family pretty regularly, but it had been a month since I had seen any of them, so I was really excited to see Marmie at the antique store.



We simply had to take a picture of us trying on hats. As usual, Mom was mid-word when the picture was taken. It is a running joke in our family that Mom can’t take a picture without her mouth half open, because she always starts talking!

I also found a new creamer for Dan and Em.




It was funny because we were just talking about creamers earlier that day, and I told them they should get one like my Mom’s where it looks like the cat is throwing up in your cup. Sorry, that’s not very appetizing, but it is funny.

The weather started to get really nasty, so Mom and Debbie had to leave right away to get home. I was sad that I didn’t get a very long time to see her, but something is better than nothing.

Dave wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to go home and lounge the remainder of the night. Look at this great tea pot Dave found at the antique store with a built in infuser.



Our other large tea pot broke, so I’m glad we have another to finally replace it. I’m not really sure why the infuser part is so big, but a teapot is a teapot.

I picked up enchilada sauce on Saturday when I was at the store getting veggies, so it was definitely time for enchiladas for dinner.



I decided on a veggie filling with refried beans, so I sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and red onions in a little olive oil with cumin, oregano, paprika, red pepper flakes, and salt. We don’t normally keep packaged taco or fajita seasoning in the house anymore, so I usually just eyeball spices when I cook.

The kitchen was a wonderful mixture of smells as Dave was also using his pressure cooker to make more split pea soup.



I threw in a handful of spinach and some diced garlic at the last minute just until the garlic was slightly browned.



Dave is getting more sensitive to dairy, so I’ve been trying to use less cheese when I cook. I’ve noticed using less cheese works a lot better when you use stronger cheeses, which is what we normally buy. This was extra sharp cheddar.



Whole wheat tortillas.



Have I mentioned how much I love the big counter Dave installed?





Baked at 350 for 30 minutes.



And topped with more enchilada sauce.



I served the enchiladas with shredded romaine, diced tomatoes, olives, salsa, and plain yogurt. They were sold out of plain Greek yogurt when I was at the store, so I’ve had to sub plain yogurt, and it tastes so strange to me now. I’m just not used to the texture. If I can find some cheesecloth, I just might strain it to make my own Greek yogurt.



I ate my dinner while making my way through another Oscar movies: American Hustle (which I did not finish).┬áThe characters and acting are amazing, but I’m having trouble getting into the plot of the movie. Dave was listening from the computer room and said it sounded like Grand Theft Auto, but it’s actually based on a real story.

It was only Sunday morning when the news came out that Stevens Point schools were closed again due to the cold, so we turned up the heat before heading to bed and said goodbye to the weekend and hello to another work week.