What. A. Week.

Boy, I have been bad at posting this week. The days sort of just ran into each other.

I dressed like this for work every day this week.



Complete with a sweater, fleece, and two pairs of gloves.

And I came home every night to cuddle with Athena.



How can people think cats are evil when they snuggle in the crook of your arm like this? (hem, Mom)

My friend Tess made this addictive buffalo chicken dip for New Year’s, and I decided to use the rest of our shredded chicken on Wednesday to make buffalo chicken sandwiches. Buffalo chicken dip is normally made with a block of cream cheese, a bottle of ranch dressing, and buffalo sauce, so I knew I could healthy it up a bit for sandwiches.

I added buffalo sauce, dried ranch powder, and some plain Greek yogurt to the shredded chicken. Unfortunately, I added too much yogurt, and instead of a sandwich filling, it turned into…..buffalo chicken dip.



Super messy, but good. I also added spinach and guacamole and served it on a hoagie roll.



For the veg, I roasted brussels sprouts in olive oil with salt, pepper, and rosemary, then topped them with bleu cheese when they came out of the oven.



I’m glad my parents didn’t force us to eat brussels sprouts when we were young, because I simply love them now.

Thursday was another late night at work. I got a call from the mechanic that Serenity has been running on three cylinders instead of four due to a broken valve, which she’s been doing for over a year…meaning, before I bought it. The total estimated cost to fix: $2200. I went back to my blog to see where I bought the car: Wisneski auto sales.

I had to laugh when I read what I wrote then: “I have to say, the two people I dealt with in purchasing a new car and selling my old car were the least untrustworthy car people with whom I have ever dealt. I usually go into every mechanic or car shop expecting the other person to try to screw me over (especially because I’m a woman), but I had a really good gut instinct about Denny’s Auto Service and Wisneski Sales.”

Note to self: even when your gut is telling you otherwise, salesmen always lie. (Or everybody lies is probably more accurate). Apparently with the lemon law for cars, the ball is not in my court.

I came home extremely frustrated, and Davy had already gone to bed, so it was a scrounging night for dinner. Remember when I used to get curry all the time from Woodman’s? There is no Woodman’s here, there is no curry to be found in the grocery store, and there is no Indian restaurant. (Although their apparently used to be one called ‘Curry in a Hurry’, which I naturally think is fabulous). So sad, since Indian is one of my favorite cuisines. Dave found these frozen dinners in the grocery store last weekend, so I scooped the two varieties they had up.





This meal just reminded me how much I miss Taste of India. I could have done without the rice entirely and eaten two helpings of palak paneer. So yummy….too bad they cost $5 a piece.

Last night was one of the first Friday nights that Dave and I did not order takeout for dinner. We cooked up some bratwurst in marsala wine, which we topped with pickled peaches, sauerkraut, and mustard. The bratwurst just didn’t do it for me–perhaps I only really like grilled bratwurst.

We also had roasted fingerling potatoes with broccoli. The broccoli was so good that I picked nearly every remaining piece out myself to eat. Can’t help it–I’m a roasted broccoli addict.  We intended to marathon I Love Lucy until the John Wayne episode, but my husband is decidedly an old man now, and he fell asleep on the floor before 9:00. I lasted until 10:30 to prove a point, though my eyes were drooping much before that.

We agreed not to talk car stuff until today, which I am not looking forward to. In fact, I think I’m going to buy a horse instead.