Livening up the Meal Plan

Hey, guys! Hope you had a good week. In one of my earlier posts, I was complaining a bit about the recipe rut I’ve been stuck in lately, so I decided to liven things up this week.

When I was visiting my parents last weekend, my dad gave me a brown grocery bag packed with potatoes, so they were first on the menu in Potato-Kale Hash with Eggs.

IMG_7444These were so fun to make! I finally used the shredder on my food processor to make the homemade hash browns. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve used it, but I’ll definitely be using it more frequently than once every five years.

This recipe was a combo unlike anything I’ve had before: hash browns, onions, and kale topped with cheese, a runny egg, and my own addition of sriracha. It may have been weird, but it definitely worked.

Tuesday, I thawed some ahi tuna steaks to make spicy tuna wraps for dinner.

IMG_7446 I seared the tuna on both sides for a few minutes, let it rest, then sliced it thin. Served with sriracha, guacamole, Greek yogurt, and lettuce on wheat wraps. Not the cheapest dinner, but really tasty. I served some (unpictured) corn on the cob on the side….also from my dad!

Wednesday was back to an old favorite, due to a late night: soup in a homemade bread bowl! Cheese on the side, because it’s me.


Thursday, I wanted to copy one of my favorite recipes that I rarely make: gnocchi with Brussels sprouts and bacon. In lieu of Brussels sprouts, I sauteed more kale and instead of bacon, I used a crumbled chicken burger.


This dish was great in theory, but the bleu cheese I bought at the store was so salty that it completely overpowered the dish. Dave made me feel better by saying that I rarely make anything that isn’t delicious, but I was so disappointed that this didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. Curse you, salty bleu cheese! I spit in your face! (Said in a French accent).


Last night, I tried my hand for a second time at a ravioli skillet lasagna. I served it with a side salad of mixed greens, olives, peppers (from Dad’s garden), red onion, and feta cheese in a little balsamic dressing. A hunk of bread on the side rounded out my Italian meal nicely.

It has been a beautiful fall (ish) week, and I’m actually enjoying the cooler weather. It definitely makes for some lovely walks. Those of you who are ready for the pumpkin-craze, take a look at this baby:


My neighbor has something up his sleeve.

Arion is still doing wonderful. I know these things about him: he loves ice cubes, he is highly motivated by food, he loves walks, and while he’s definitely not an “attack” dog, he loves to guard us while we sleep.


I took him to the dog park again yesterday, and there were so many dogs there! The last two times, there have only been two or three, but there were at least twelve yesterday. I wasn’t really sure what the etiquette is at the dog park: some people were letting their dogs run completely free, while others had theirs on leashes and were watched closely.


A little girl with a chihuahua seemed to be afraid of Ari, so we left a little earlier than he probably would have liked.

We’re celebrating fall for the first time today by going to Pointoberfest this evening. Can’t wait! Happy weekend, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Livening up the Meal Plan

  1. The only reason I want a food processor is the grater. I think I would use it all the time! I have a ninja so I process my food with that but you can’t beat an electronic grater!
    Ashley @

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