Fall Lovin’

This summer lovin’ girl is anxious to celebrate all things holiday. Three months of celebrations:

Our 4 year anniversary with a trip to Door County! (Plus our friends Dan and Em’s a week before and my parent’s anniversary a week after–so much love).

Davy’s 28th birthday!

Arion’s 6th birthday! (42 in dog years)

Halloween! (I want to take Aurelia trick-or-treating in Point again).

My mama’s birthday!

Thanksgiving! (My favorite holiday, because….food, wine, family, being allowed to listen to Christmas music and Gabby the Gobbler….)

Family Holiday Shopping Day!


New Year’s!

Yes, I realize that is a lot of exclamations, but I have to get excited so I can store it up for after New Year’s.


2 thoughts on “Fall Lovin’

  1. YAY!! This really is the best time of year in terms of multiple things to look forward to. And yes, bottling it up for after New Year’s is a must. 🙂 Love Aurelia’s dalmatian costume! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Gabby the Gobbler…who is she?!

    • Gabby the Gobbler is a Thanksgiving song from the 1950s by Roy Rogers. I heard it on public radio once on our way to my parents for Thanksgiving. It is corny, but really cute! It’s about a turkey who becomes the owner’s pet instead of dinner.

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