Two Days at the Faire

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of running the Sage Hollow tea booth at the County of Brown Renaissance Faire.


My mom and sister Emily have been key players in the implementation of a renaissance faire in the Green Bay area; in three years, the faire has blossomed into a wonderful event complete with live musicians, belly dancers, a fire show, a scavenger hunt, tea leaf reading, and magicians in addition to delicious food (think dragon legs and garlic mushrooms), drinks (three kinds of mead!), and vendors galore….including Sage Hollow!


Since Mom and Emily were too busy running the faire and being a queen to run the tea booth, I asked my good friend Shelby to be my pirate-in-arms for the weekend.


Couldn’t have picked a better one. She was amazing, and I felt so lucky to have her there helping me. I think the Sage Hollow tea ladies will soon go from a trio to a quartet!

Our feet got tired from running around so much, so eventually we broke character and changed our shoes.


Pirate chucks.


My sister Emily was a regal and beautiful queen, and her boyfriend Christopher made a very charismatic king. They received many compliments, and my sister was even asked to be a queen for another renaissance faire in the future. So proud of my little sis!



My aunt Dina did a great job reading tea leaves. She “practiced” on me and Shelby and came pretty darn close on some things going on in my life right now. She even predicted my anniversary trip to Door County with Davy, which I hadn’t told her about! Behold the inner eye….


It was so fun to see so many people in costume enjoying the faire.

People of the Fair

I loved the Irish Wolfhounds. They truly were “gentle giants.”


Aurelia looked so tiny next to them!


There were also stocks set up, which were perfect for photo ops.

Shelby and I got thrown in for spitting in public.


So did Dina and Em.


It was a fun but exhausting weekend, and even though I didn’t get to spend much one-on-one time with my family, I had a wonderful time. Huzzah!


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