Life with a Puppy

It is still weird coming home to a dog or just looking over and seeing him lying on the floor looking up at me and bumping his tail against the floor.


The week started off a little stressful. I was taking turns giving the cats and Arion free reign of the house, so for the first part of the week, I was running home to switch them midway through the day and take Arion out for a bathroom break. I was so worried that they would hate each other and that the cats would be stressed out that I nearly had a panic attack at work.

Fortunately, their first meeting went incredibly well. Yes, our cats are cats, so they hiss a little when they run into him unexpectedly or he stands up quickly, but for the most part, they are getting along phenomenally. Arion pretty much ignores them and they ignore him unless they both want to be on or near us at the same time. The other night when we were going to bed, both the cats were on the bed and Arion came into the room to lay down by us, and I felt like we were at the zoo. “We should get a parrot!” I told Dave.


I wanna hold your hand…

Eats this week:


One pot pasta with fresh tomatoes from Dan & Em’s garden, homemade pesto from mom, basil from our garden, and shrimp. Dave raved over this one! He never used to like when I made pasta, so I’m really glad he likes this dish.

Tuesday after work, I started the rice cooker, took Arion out on a nice, long walk, and when we got back, the rice was done! We never had a rice cooker before because Alton Brown doesn’t like single-purpose kitchen tools (and he’s our kitchen god), but this one sure has come in handy.

I set fire to the counter the other week when I wasn’t in the kitchen watching my rice on the stove, so apparently I can’t be trusted. Rice cooker to the rescue!


I made a quick vegetable curry to go over the rice with leftover sweet and regular potatoes from Sunday’s cookout and topped mine with a heap of Greek yogurt.

I’ve definitely been sort of a broken record when it comes to meals: pretty much every week we have a variation of one-pot pasta, curry, pizza, enchiladas or burritos, soup, and chicken burgers with fries. Dave hasn’t complained yet, but I need to find a new recipe soon! (Time to flip through Smitten Kitchen….)


Wednesday was windy, cold, and rainy, so I suggested Dave pull some homemade soup from the freezer to thaw. Since he had off, he made more bread bowls to go with! Soup in a breadbowl is such a cheap, easy meal and so satisfying. Dave took the breadbowls out of the oven right as I got home from work, so it was perfect timing. Nothing quite like freshly baked bread.

Yesterday was another cool day. Last week I wore shorts and a t-shirt; yesterday I wore a sweater with jeans and my fall boots. Yes, Wisconsin, we get the fact that you are sooooo changeable.

Since I have Thursdays off, I had the whole day to spend with my pets. 🙂 Athena and I had a nice cuddle fest in the morning while I sipped on some Cinnamon Orange Spice tea.

img_7332Then Arion and I ran some errands: two quick trips to Fleet Farm and the library, then a trip to the vet for Ari’s free health exam.


He was such a good boy and is in perfect health except for his dry skin. He has to go back in two weeks for some vaccines and possibly antibiotics depending if his skin clears up. I got a head start on helping it along by taking him home and giving him a bath. Too bad Arion thought it was a game and not a very fun one at that. I rinsed him off as best as I could, then rubbed some coconut oil into his fur, which Dave claims is greasy and I claim is “good lotion” when you pet him.

On Arion’s walk last night, he and I discovered the Stevens Point Dog Park!


30 acres of a fenced, leashless dog park. It’s pretty much an open, woodsy field with a few benches where dogs can run free and play with each other.


Arion had so much fun being off-leash and kept galloping off, then turning back to see if I was still behind him. All in all, I’ve been getting a lot of exercise the last week, and so has Dave. (This is why people with pets are usually healthier…)

Because of the cool weather, I was craving comfort food so I made myself a big bowl of mac & cheese for dinner with steamed veggies on the side. (I made Dave chicken burgers and sweet potato fries, because he doesn’t like mac & cheese).


Definitely not the healthiest dinner, but it sure hit the spot.

This weekend I’m leaving Dave, Arion, Athena, and Artemis home while my father-in-law comes to visit, because I’m going to be working my mom’s tea booth at the County of Brown Renaissance Faire! I’m bummed to miss Barry’s visit but excited to see my family and dress like a pirate to sell tea. Happy weekend, everyone!


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