Eats Lately

This meal was from over a week ago, but I still had to share:


Dave made homemade curried white bean soup one day and to spice up the leftovers, he made homemade French bread bowls to serve them….one of my favorite meals, because I’m a carboholic. I love having a chest freezer because we always have soup in the freezer for days we don’t feel like cooking.


Vegetable enchiladas for dinner another night. I stuffed them with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions and leftover rice from one night when we ordered Chinese. Lots of sharp cheddar to top them off and served with lettuce, salsa, and Greek yogurt. 


I made a very weird but tasty combination for dinner one night: lox and bagel sandwiches with capers served with roasted Brussels sprouts and French fries. Weird but delicious!


Thursday I made one of my favorite recipes: drunken risotto. I didn’t have any sausage, so I cooked up some Boca crumbles with fennel, which worked just fine.

010Mmmm….comfort food of champions.

Friday night, Dave made a celebration deep dish pizza!


The crust on this baby was huuuge! Dave is not capable of making a bad pizza, so of course it was delicious. And as for what we celebrated, you’ll just have to stick around (No, Mom, we’re not having a baby yet). 



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