Can’t Buy Me Love

I’ll buy it myself.


So, I didn’t last very long volunteering at the humane society before I got sucked into adopting a dog.

PicMonkey Collage

Or perhaps I should say Dave. We ADORE our kitty babies, but Dave was terrified that we couldn’t make it work having both a dog and cats. We still don’t know, but we are both willing to try our hardest. It was either that or me bringing home at least three more cats and fostering some kittens.



Meet Arion Sirius, the newest member of our family.


Arion (whose name was originally Aaron) had one owner for six years who surrendered him when he moved. At the humane society he was nicknamed, “The Gentle Giant.” He’s laid back, good with cats, kids and other dogs, and a wonderful walker. And after having him for only about 24 hours in our house, it is clear that he is falling in love with us as much as we are falling in love with him.

I was so excited to pick him up yesterday that I woke up bright and early to get the house ready for him.


Shopping for dog supplies was the highlight of my Friday.

After all the paperwork was signed on Saturday, one of the employees at the humane society put on his new collar and leash, then told me to come back in if I needed help getting him in the car.


I didn’t need any help as all. As soon as I opened the car door, Arion jumped in, ready for his new life to start.



I have read up extensively on the best way to introduce cats and dogs, so for the time being, we are switching off allowing them free reign of the house. It’s not fun, but it’s better than rushing them into meeting and it ending up badly.



We are now two adults living in a three-pet house.




Now I have both indoor and outdoor best friends!



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