Scenes from the Week

Long time, no see! It was a self-proclaimed “bad wife week,” wherein I did not provide very many healthy, home-cooked meals for dinner. On the plus side, that meant way fewer dishes!

Here are some scenes from my week.


My friend Emily was gone last weekend and dropped these flowers off for us to enjoy so they wouldn’t go to waste. The kitties loved them as much as I did! They stayed on the kitchen table for about five minutes before I moved them to the top of the bookshelf so Athena and Artemis couldn’t eat them. 


Dave and I bought all the ingredients to make sushi last weekend including fresh tuna and salmon….but by the time we got home, we were exhausted and decided we didn’t feel like making sushi. (At least we have supplies now!) Instead we made tuna tacos for dinner Sunday night with broiled tuna and salmon, mashed avocado, and roasted corn with black beans. We had roasted brussels sprouts on the side. Delicious dinner!


I also made some refrigerator pickled vegetables with cucumber slices, carrots, zucchini, radishes, and kohlarabi. They should be ready to eat tonight! I’ve never pickled most of those vegetables before, so I’m anxious to see how they turned out.


I read an amazing book in one day: Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. It was like a beautiful, haunting fairy tale and one I intend to read again. Four and a half stars from Chel! (I can never give anything five stars, because how would I know it when I found it?)


My coworker Jessica and I always talk about going out with our significant others. We have been working together almost a year now and finally went out! I made the mistake of thinking Dave was taking me to Maine for dinner (long story), so I had several drinks on an empty stomach which meant I was super fun that night. Jessica’s fiancee Bryan had three of his friends there, and they all liked me a lot. Drunk Chel = fun Chel?


I decided to volunteer at the humane society in Stevens Point, and I had orientation last Thursday. I stayed after to walk one of the dogs, Kess. Such a sweetheart! I can’t wait to have a dog of my own someday, preferably one that will not try to eat our beloved kitties. 


I made the best curry the other night. Finally one that wasn’t too spicy for Dave! I used red curry paste, half a can of coconut milk, water, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, chicken and shrimp over brown Basmati rice (cooked in our new rice cooker!). Sooooo good. I topped mine with Greek yogurt after this picture and ate it all in a few minutes because it was so delicious. 

This month has been a little crazy, so this weekend is all about destressing and doing whatever I feel like. That starts with cleaning up a pile of puke, because Artemis just threw up again. So after that I’ll probably go to the store for some wine. Cheers to the weekend!



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