Date Night

Yesterday, Dave and I did something completely new as a couple….we went target shooting. This was one of Dave’s favorite activities growing up with his Dad, and though we’ve talked about the possibility of going since we first met, it didn’t happen until yesterday.

We found a range about twenty five minutes away from our house, Dewey Shooting Range, and they had three different sites set up: a fifty yard site, one hundred, and two hundred.



The fifty yard site had posts at twelve yards, twenty five, and fifty. My first target was at the twelve yard mark, and my first time shooting went right through the bullseye! I advanced to twenty five and Dave put his on the fifty. He and his Dad had told me stories that Dave beat the state trap shooter when he was only fifteen or sixteen, so I wasn’t surprised that Dave’s target was awesome with clusters all around the bullseye.

004Though I hit the target every time on the twenty five yard post, I kept getting more scared of the butt of the gun hitting me in the face and kept shooting outside the bullseye until I finally had enough for the day.

It was fun trying something new, and Dave was pleased as punch that I went with him, so I definitely think we’ll go back with our friends. 

After a little time reading at home, I got all fancied up, because Dave was taking me on a date!


We started with cocktail hour at Great Northern Distillery.


They always have an interesting menu, and I was excited to see a classic: the martini. Though I normally drink gin martinis, Great Northern’s vodka is amazing, so I was eager to give it a try.


The bartender asked us exactly how we wanted it, and he served me an extra dirty martini with an olive and a house-made pickled mushroom. Deee-licious. We savored our drinks and talked with the owner and bartenders for almost an hour.



My handsome date:

009We had planned on going to Bamboo House for dinner but decided to try out Tokyo Steakhouse at the bartender’s recommendation instead.


We opted to sit at the bar, which is always fun, because you get to see the sushi chef in action. We ordered one of the special rolls right away so we’d have chance to peruse the menu.


This was the lobster roll and my favorite of the bunch.

We also ordered seaweed salad at my request–one of my favorites!


Next up was one spicy roll: Spicy Tuna, and two specialty rolls: Chicago and Merry X-Mas.


The sushi was good, but we weren’t blown away by it. I loved the dollops of different caviar on the Merry X-Mas roll. Though it was infinitely better than our experience at Matsu Ya (Tokyo Steakhouse actually had raw fish on the menu as opposed to cooked), I noticed the the spicy tuna rolls were very similar: unlike a traditional spicy tuna roll with a chunk of fresh tuna wrapped in rice, this tuna was mashed up and mixed in with other ingredients. Kind of disappointing, since spicy tuna is normally my favorite.

I guess Dave and I will just have to get used to the fact that Stevens Point sushi won’t be as good as Green Bay’s and start making our own! (I know I keep saying this, but it’s going to happen sometime). 

We had a lovely time going out together for dinner, as it has become a rare occasion.


After dinner, we went home to change and then headed over to our friend’s house for a low-key bonfire.


Great end to a great day.



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