The best part of last weekend: Beach Day! It’s so nice to have access to a beach just 15-20 minutes away from our house. Girls (and boys) just wanna have sun.PicMonkey CollageOur friend Michelle came to visit for the weekend, and we even got to hang out with our friend Kirsten, which is always fun.


Yard dice, a bonfire, grilled food, and laughter made for a perfect night.





Due to a short power loss that tripped the circuit to our chest freezer, dinner was decided for us by the thawed meat. We grilled up bison burgers, jalapeno cheddar bratwurst, green beans, onions, and baked beans. Our friend Kirsten brought a fresh fruit salad and we snacked on hummus & pita chips beforehand. I also grilled corn for the first time this summer, and then we completely forgot to eat it! So. Much. Food.




Eats this week included pizza, of course. Dave told me his lactose sensitivity is getting worse, but he always seems to want pizza. Maybe it’s a case of wanting what you can’t (shouldn’t?) have?016This was one of my $4.99 Aldi cheese pizzas that I dressed up with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, spring onions, and some grilled corn.

Something I was super excited to make this week: FAJITAS! (Said like Ross from Friends).



Beef fajita meat from the Market on Strongs with fresh bell peppers and onions and topped with Farmer’s Market tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream.

And I just happened to have some leftover margaritas from the weekend before, which was the perfect accompaniment.019


The best part of the week: A visit from my parents!


My dad took a staycation this week (his first vacation in four years), and my mom took the day off to come visit me in Point. They were famished when they arrived, so we almost immediately headed to Emy J’s to meet up with our friends Dan and Emily for lunch.


I love that blue shirt on Dan.


I ordered the Curried Chicken wrap for the first time, which was really tasty. Apparently Emy J’s knows how to make curry without making it spicy…unlike someone I know. (Points to self).


We spent the day wandering around downtown, chatting, and enjoying cold Point beer out in our yard. It was a lovely day.

It was another draining week, so Friday night dinner was simple: chicken burgers on pretzel buns and sweet potato fries.







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