This Week

Happy first day of August! Quick, do ALL the summer things before it’s over.



I can’t believe we still haven’t grilled sweet corn or eaten watermelon. A trip to the Farmer’s Market this weekend is definitely in order.

Here’s what I’ve been eating this week (with a supreme lack of groceries in the house):


Shrimp & veggie stir fry with ramen noodles in my favorite spicy peanut sauce. The ramen noodles were a last minute addition, because I thought they would be more fun than my standard brown rice.

The weirdest meal of the week was on my late day (aka, our “scrounge” day): A microwaved sweet potato with salt & pepper topped with cream cheese, crab meat, and salsa.



Sounds weird, but it was actually pretty good.

We were out of spaghetti again, but I found some leftover orzo in the cupboard and mixed it with shrimp, cooked spinach, lemon juice and pesto for Wednesday’s dinner. (I had a really tiny portion because I polished off the rest of a French baguette that Dave made last weekend. So many carbs this week).



I always forget how much I like orzo, so I should remember to cook with it more often.

Last night, Dave and I really couldn’t put off going to the grocery store. We were craving veggies like mad and ending up making big dinner salads.



Green leaf lettuce topped with door county cherry pork tenderloin, roasted broccoli and baby red potatoes, hard boiled eggs, mushroom, and bleu cheese. I didn’t use any dressing, but I did dot my salad with a little Sriracha. The salad was so good and incredibly filling!

And now for my big makeover….


Before the salon.


Reading Nineteen Minutes while I wait.



The color I chose at the salon was Valencia, and I am loving my new ‘do. Because my hair was sort of an ashy blonde to begin with, there’s a lot of different layers of color: it starts out lighter at the top and gets a little darker as it goes down. Because I rarely ever get my hair cut and never get massages, it felt really good to be pampered a little yesterday.

I’m looking forward to a great weekend as our friend Michelle (a natural redhead) is coming to visit. Let’s see if we can knock a few things off our summer bucketlist…

Oh, and here’s a picture of a hedgehog to brighten your day.


The elusive Miss Marple


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