Perfect Saturday

I couldn’t have planned a better, more relaxing Saturday.

Goodness knows why I waited so long to get a bike lock–now that I have one, the world is my oyster.


008I can bring Old Blue anywhere!

I started my day on Saturday by biking to the library to finally get a card. (I think one of my worst habits is terrible follow-through. I talk about things or start things, and I either forget about it, lose interest, or just plain don’t do it for no reason whatsoever–I moved to Point in October and it’s taken me until now to get a library card!). 



I was so excited when I had my library card, I started walking down the aisles and breathing in the scent of books. Paradise. I hadn’t intended to check any out that day since I was on my bike, but I couldn’t help it: four books went into my bag. After that, I biked down the street a little ways more to the Farmer’s Market. One baguette from the French baker, a rye loaf from the Bavarian baker (we’re not sure he’s Bavarian, but that’s what I have decided to call him), and a bunch of onions from a vegetable vendor.

I went home to drop off my loot, then headed right back out by bike to the grocery store for a clove of garlic. I was craving ice cream really bad since it was so hot and muggy outside, so I grabbed a pint of vanilla frozen yogurt to make a smoothie when I got home.

I salvaged what I could from a mango I bought a week ago, then added a 1/2 cup of the frozen yogurt, some plain Greek yogurt, milk, and ice to the blender make a mid-day treat, which was pretty much my breakfast and lunch.


Then I read. For four hours. It was glorious, especially with a kitty snuggled up next to me.


I did take a little break to make some pizza crusts with Dave to keep in the freezer. He even let me use part whole wheat flour. We made two double batches and ended up with 10 14-oz pizza crusts.


Just as it started to rain, Dave asked, “Do you want to go get some ice cream?” Rain be damned! We hopped on our bikes and headed over to Belt’s, where we shared a S’mores flurry under the roof. I got a medium, not realizing how big it would be.


Nice face, Dave.

Dave and I were so full afterwards that we didn’t end up eating dinner until 9:00! (Well, I ate at 9. Dave ate at 10). 

Dave said he was in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs a few weeks ago, and I finally delivered. The meatball recipe was courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, but I cannot tell a lie: the cheesy garlic bread I made from the baguette was my favorite part. 


We ate our dinner while cuddling on the couch and watching part of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, until I fell asleep.

Thank you, Saturday, for being so good to me.


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