Eats Lately

Hey guys! How was your week? For me, each day seemed longer than the last. Ten hours in front of a computer is clearly not great for my eyes–I got cited last week for replacing an ‘O’ with a ‘0’ off an insurance card. I swear, the text on insurance cards keeps getting smaller and smaller–and I have perfect vision! I also had my six month review this week (2 months late) and passed with high marks.

Monday night, I came home prepared to cook, but Dave was really in the mood for pizza.


I bought this $5 pizza at Aldi to keep in the freezer, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was for the price. Good crust, tasty sauce, lots of cheese. Good job, Aldi! 


I doctored it up before it went in the oven, because I felt like doing a little cooking: half sausage and sauteed mushrooms, half roasted vegetable. 


Tuesday night, I used the last of our bread from the Farmer’s Market to make tuna melts with provolone, pepperjack, pickles, tomatoes, and mustard. Sweet potato fries with ketchup on the side. We haven’t had ketchup in the house for awhile, and I’m glad it’s back! Not that I minded dousing stuff with sriracha instead.

Wednesday, Dave had off, so I was half expecting him to have dinner ready when I got home. He did–pizza. Ha! 


Thursday was taco salad night. I marinated chicken and shrimp in lemon and lime juice for awhile before cooking them on the stove top. Lettuce from the garden, roasted onions and kale from the market, tomatoes, shredded cheddar, and avocado rounded out the meal.

Last night I was craving veggies, so I made vegetable curry with basmati rice.


I’ve been keeping bags of frozen California blend in the freezer for curry, and I like to add a jar of diced tomatoes and chickpeas for a little protein. Greek yogurt mixed in at the end and dolloped on top.

After my first bite, I thought: “This is really good!” Second thought: “Dave is not going to eat this.” He had one spoonful to taste test, but it was too spicy for him. Every. Time.

Guess what he had for dinner instead? Pizza!

Here’s hoping next week will have a little more variety. And that I will be able to someday make a curry that Dave can stomach. 


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