Eats Lately

Happy Friday! We have a pretty low-key weekend in store, but it’s still always nice to make it to Friday. Dave is finally getting his car back today after 2 1/2 weeks in the shop, and we’ll finally get to hang out with our friends Em and Dan again now that they’re back from their honeymoon. Yippee! I was sad to let the Jeep go, but Dave’s friend Andy assured me there would be a playdate in the future to ease the pain, ha ha.

Monday night’s dinner reminded me that I want to make my own pretzel buns. They’re such a nice change in flavor and texture from regular hamburger buns. It’s supposed to storm this weekend, so it might be a perfect time to make a big batch for our freezer. And I seem to remember promising some to a friend for a housewarming gift…

004 (2)


I served veggie burgers on the pretzel buns with spicy roasted potatoes and steamed (microwaved) veggies on the side. I accidentally bought “steam in the bag” vegetables at the store, but they were actually quite good.

They came in a garlic butter sauce, but there was still only 200 calories in the entire bag of veggies, which was pretty decent. Plus it was nice not having to heat the oven for an extra dish. (Something I am always concerned about since we don’t have air conditioning this summer).

005 (2)

Tuesday was my late night at work, and I didn’t feel like cooking. Fortunately, I had made a big pasta salad on Sunday for this week’s lunches with grape tomatoes, cucumber, corn, and feta cheese with a lemon vinaigrette. I loved the fun shape of the pasta that I picked up at the market a few weeks ago. I stirred in some tuna for protein and called it a meal.

Wednesday, I decided to make gnocchi for dinner, but I wasn’t sure how to prepare it. I remembered we had some bacon in the freezer and was thinking about adding spinach before realizing I was really craving Brussels sprouts. I thought I was coming up with something new and exciting until I searched my blog and realized I had made the same exact dish a year and three months ago. Ha ha.

This year’s dish knocked last year’s out of the park, though. Instead of boiling the Brussels sprouts, I went with my gut instinct and roasted them with a diced onion until they caramelized before adding them to the sauteed garlic and pan seared gnocchi with bacon, broth, and wine. At the end, I stirred in the Parmesan and about half a cup of bleu cheese crumbles.

007 (2)It was kind of a putzy dish since I had to cook the bacon, boil the gnocchi, and roast the Brussels sprouts before finally pan-cooking everything together, but it was so worth it. Bacon, brussels, and bleu cheese are a winning combo. Dave ate dinner hours after I did, so I kept going back to the kitchen and picking out bleu-cheese covered Brussels sprouts. Those are the repercussions he pays. 🙂

Thursday, I used some of the same ingredients from the night before: I sauteed bacon, Brussels sprouts, and onions in a pan on the stove, then served them over pan-fried polenta and salmon with fresh rosemary from the garden.



One again, I made more dishes than I wanted to, but it seems unavoidable sometimes. Once our lettuce starts exploding, I guarantee I’ll be making lots of salads for dinner: less cooking and fewer dishes!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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