My friends Emily and Dan went on their (delayed) honeymoon this week, so I’ve been taking care of a few things around their house: checking the mail, watering the plants (the few days it didn’t rain), and feeding their pet hedgehog, Miss Marple.

I only got a glimpse of her one day so far; the rest of the time she was hiding under her blue blanket. I thought we would be besties after the week was over, but no dice.

Look who I found lounging in their backyard by the herbs when I was watering…


Sneaky little bugger. I actually thought he was hurt because his legs were sprawled out behind him, but when I went to check, he bounced up and hopped off with no problem. Apparently he was just real comfy.

We are still waiting for Dave’s car to get fixed, but check out my new (temporary) ride:

004I have always wanted to own a forest green Jeep, and Dave’s friend Andy kindly lent us his car to borrow…a forest green Jeep! What are the odds. I’ve been taking good care of his baby, and while I’d love to ride in it with the canvas top down, I probably wouldn’t be able to get it back up and I’d flood the car. Oh, well. I’m still having fun with it. I am not having fun with the amount of money Dave and I have spent on gas in the last couple weeks….yeesh.

This week’s eats included baked salmon and roasted broccoli.

006I had a great idea for a Greek-salad inspired salmon that was better in theory than actual execution. I topped it with feta, diced tomatoes, diced onions, and sliced green olives, but it was missing something juicy to bring it all together. If I try it again, I’ll definitely use some balsamic vinaigrette.


The roasted broccoli was delicious, of course, especially with basil from the garden.


Tuesday night I made veggie pizza with the last of Dave’s pre-made frozen pizza dough. Our pizzas have been turning out excellent with the frozen dough. Maybe they’re getting extra flavor when they warm up in the fridge? I topped this one with mozzarella, spinach, red onions, green olives, and some Parmesan and served myself some more roasted veggies on the side. Dave didn’t get veggies, just extra pizza. 🙂

Wednesday night I made Mexican rice bowls, which was basically a naked burrito: brown rice with black beans, diced tomatoes, and homemade taco seasoning topped with avocado, lettuce, salsa, red onions, shredded cheddar, and plain Greek yogurt.



Yesterday Dave and I both had off, which was lovely. We finally got to spend some time together! But first, I was on my own at the DMV. I would never subject Dave to that more than he has to–it was so uncomfortable.


Forty five minutes waiting across from a guy who was telling his friend how he broke out of restraints at a mental hospital and how, when he is given six months to live, threatened to go after people he doesn’t like. When he started questioning loudly why everyone got to go ahead of him, I prayed that my number wouldn’t be called before his. Safe!


My goal was to take a better picture than I did last time, and I think I succeeded. (On a side note, check out this beauty that I found while looking for my birth certificate:


Ha ha ha! I love my black hair and Davy’s little chin puff.

When I got home, Dave was out in the garden, ripping up weeds. Unfortunately, he also ripped up a bunch of perennials, including two that my mom bought me a month ago.

At least this one escaped his weed wrath.


Pretty Primrose.

I also repotted a bunch of tomatoes. Come the end of summer, we’re going to have tomatoes coming out of our yin yang! (I assume that’s what Babette would say).


Our lettuce is also doing quite well.


As are our herbs.


There’s room for one more, so I think I’m going to plant another basil. The mint loves this weather, but the basil wants it a little hotter, methinks. It’s still so tiny.

Unfortunately, the rabbits got our zucchini and cucumber plants. I can’t be too mad at them, though–they just want to eat like the rest of us.

I bought these adorable Mason jar measuring cups at World Market a few weeks ago, which turned out to be perfect for measuring arborio rice.


Last night’s dinner: Spinach and Artichoke Risotto with Shrimp.


I don’t know if there’s any kind of risotto that’s better than another, it always seems to be delicious. I love that this one is a full meal in itself with protein, veggies, and grain. So good.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Thanks so much for taking care of our food and watering! Miss Marple just won’t stop talking about you. You made quite an impression. 🙂 Also that risotto looks amazing. And fortifying.

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