Eats Lately

“Trust you to like the most complicated form of scrambled eggs ever,” Dave said to me Sunday night as we ate dinner: French scrambled eggs with spinach and shredded cheddar over homemade half-wheat grilled naan.

Eggs are one of only foods I am picky about. I love fried eggs when the yolk is runny, but not if the yolk is hard. I love hardboiled eggs, but any sort of dish that consists of scrambled egg whites and egg yolks, i.e. frittata, omelets, and regular ol’ scrambled eggs: no can do. If they’re made with just the whites, fine. The only time I really appreciate a good mixed white-and-yolk omelet is at Illgenstock when they’re homemade after a hard night’s fun. Does that make sense? No, I didn’t think so.

Last Saturday, Dave and I watched an episode of Food Tube where Jamie Oliver showcased scrambled eggs cooked three different ways: British, American, and French. Dave didn’t believe when he saw the picture of the French scrambled eggs that they were even scrambled eggs; they resembled polenta a lot more. The eggs are cooked in a bowl over a water bath nice and slow just until they look both creamy and a little grainy.


I loved ’em. They actually tasted like polenta, and cheese makes almost anything better.

Sunday, I had been making Stuffed Pepper Soup in our slow cooker, and that’s what I had for dinner Monday and Tuesday night.


Ground beef, onions, bell peppers, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, rice, broth, and spices simmered to make this perfect deconstructed stuffed pepper, especially when topped with plain Greek yogurt and shredded cheddar cheese.

Last night, I pulled a grabbed a bag of fusilli I bought at the market to make one of my favorite pasta dishes: one pan pasta.


Look how fun these noodles are! (Moriah, I’ll buy you some more when you come visit again).

I love that everything gets added to the pan at once and cooked together to make a super creamy pasta dish.


Onions, tomatoes, garlic, basil, and pasta cook together. I stirred in half a bag of spinach, some cooked mussels in tomato garlic sauce, and a little cream cheese at the end, then topped it with some fresh basil.



Pizza is on the menu for tonight with some frozen pizza dough Dave was kind enough to make after dozens of requests.

This weekend, who knows? Some of our best friends Tess and Jake are coming to visit for the weekend, as well as my brother Tyler and his girlfriend Amanda. Dave and I have been waiting anxiously all week for their arrival, and it’s sure to be a good one. I have been continually praying to the weather gods for no rain on Saturday so that we can go to the market, the beach, and have a nice big bonfire. I’m so excited!

Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


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