Grillin’ Weather

Things I want to bottle: the scent of old books, exercise endorphins, and summer. I am still getting used to the magic of this weather. It has been so cold and white for so long that grass and dandelions seem a feast for the eyes.


I must admit that I’m enjoying this transition into summer even more now that Dave and I are renting a house. It’s so nice to have a yard to look out into instead of pavement.




I didn’t have to beg Dave much to grill out last Sunday. He’s not as outdoorsy as I am, but even he has been spending as much time outside as I have lately.

I’ve been trying to do more food prep on Sundays now that I am working longer days, so while I was making salads-in-a-jar for work and pre-cooking rice for weeknight curry, I also whipped up a potato salad.


Mayo-free potato salad is easy enough when you always have Greek yogurt on hand like I do.


I used cubed, cooked red potatoes (skin-on), diced celery and red onion, plain Greek yogurt, herb mustard, some sauteed spinach, salt, pepper, and hot sauce.


I topped the potato salad with sliced hard-boiled eggs and paprika.


While Dave and I waited for the charcoal chimney to light up, we sat on our benches and enjoyed a cocktail.


The kitties were definitely enjoying the sunshine, too.


I’ve been keeping local meat in our chest freezer for occasions such as this.


Bison burgers, beer, and baked beans.


Oh, and buffalo sauce. And bleu cheese. I guess it was a very B-barbeque.


We served our burgers on the homemade wheat rolls Dave helped me make. Pickles on the side, because a burger without pickles just isn’t quite the same.

I love summer. Have I mentioned that?


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