Eats Lately

People must have been shy around the chicken last weekend, because Dave and I have been eating leftover chicken all week long.

On Monday, I made myself a chicken quesadilla with two whole wheat tortillas, avocado, spinach, and cheddar cheese.

085I still can’t seem to ever get my quesadillas crispy, even with the Alton Brown method! I think I need my brother Tyler to teach me. Still, it was pretty delicious, especially topped with Greek yogurt. I pretty much want to top everything with Greek yogurt. At least it’s a healthy addiction, like my creamy dill mustard. I started eating it out of the jar with my finger this week, and that’s when I knew I should put it away.

Tuesday, I made chicken bacon avocado salads with tomatoes, chopped hardboiled eggs, and lots of spinach and romaine.

002Instead of chopping the avocado up, I remembered an avocado sauce I made for pasta before and recreated it. I put one avocado, a 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt, a splash of lemon juice, salt and pepper in the food processor and whipped it for about a minute until it was super creamy.


The color of the avocado sauce/dip was so satisfying. Very spring-like. The salads topped with the avocado sauce were just awesome, and I’ll definitely make the sauce again for pasta or dipping.

Wednesday, Dave took the reins on dinner and made us pizza. We topped the pizzas with….you guessed it: CHICKEN!

006Also carmelized onions, raw red onions, olives, spinach, and peppers. Dave’s dough was extra fluffy, so the pizza was very filling. We ended up eating it two nights in a row.


Thursday was lovely. It was my first time having a Thursday off where it was actually nice enough to play outside. I walked to Shopko for some garden tools and seeds, and then came home to play outside for awhile.


I still want to wait to plant seeds, but I just couldn’t resist buying a packet of lettuce seeds and sunflower seeds. Mom’s not so sure the sunflowers will do well given the somewhat shady backyard, but I’m bound and determined to have sunflowers somewhere!


I mowed the lawn with our push mower, planted the perennials Mom bought me at the plant sale last weekend, and filled dirt in the old fire ring Dave pulled out, so I can turn it into a planter. I keep getting excited just thinking about walking into a hot, steamy, fresh smelling greenhouse and buying an armful of annuals to plant in it.




My main problem with gardening is that I have no idea what’s a plant and what’s a weed! A lot of the stuff I was going to pull out,  Mom says are actually plants, so I should just wait and see what starts to come up. Patience, grasshopper.

Oh, well, as far as I’m convinced after the long, white winter we had, anything green is okay in my book. And I happen to love dandelions, so we’re okay there, too.

With all the chicken finally gone, I made myself a tuna melt for dinner last night.


I mixed the tuna with a dollop of Greek yogurt and creamy dill mustard and added smashed avocado and cheddar cheese to the Italian bread before grilling it the Alton Brown way. Works for bread, why not tortillas? Tyler, help.


2 thoughts on “Eats Lately

  1. I am semi new to reading your blog but I LOVE it!! You give me a lot of great ideas of things to try. I wish my boyfriend made bread like your husband. yum! I check back often to see what you have said, done, ate and read!

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