The Easiest Dip Ever

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with you yet! It is my new favorite healthy dip. I bring it to work with fresh veggies, and it is so tasty and filling.

Here’s what you need:


Seriously, that’s it. One 18-oz (ish) container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and one packet of Ranch dressing mix. (You can use regular yogurt too, but I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt).

Hidden Valley is always saying “Ranch dressing gets kids to eat their veggies!” but this homemade dip with the ranch packet is soooo much better.

And the best news? The serving size for regular Ranch dressing is 2 tbsp for 140 calories. The entire 8 oz container of Ranch Dip Yogurt has only 350 calories.

Go make some!


*This post is dedicated to one of my BFF’s Shelby, who loves ranch dip, and who inspired me to create this masterpiece when she couldn’t find Ranch dressing at the store to go with her pizza.


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