Three Women and a Wine Bar

Earlier this week, I got a text from my friend Amanda asking me out on a date with her and my friend Emily. Like I could say no to that!

After I finished with work on Friday, I dressed up (not quite sure how dressed up we were going to me) and met the girls for a night at the Indulgence Wine Bar in Stevens Point.


Since we all enjoy dry, slighty fruity reds, we decided to split a bottle of Sangiovese.


The decanter the owner/server brought out was pretty cool, even if it was a little difficult to pour.


The wine was quite good, and after the three of us polished off the bottle, we ordered a cheese platter to share.


The space for the wine bar is really cool, and with a little help, I think it could be great.




After our adventure with wine, we decided to walk across the street to Guu’s for a beer. I love that the city is so accessible for walking, and I don’t feel like I’m going to get shivved like I did in Green Bay.010

We were still a bit hungry so while we enjoyed our beers, we ordered the spinach artichoke dip, which was served in a bread bowl with chips.


We were pretty excited about it.

Dave must have missed me, because he let me know that he was preparing a snack and invited us home for a bonfire, which we kindly took him up on after de-glamorizing ourselves.

This is what a Friday looks like in Stevens Point. It’s a good life.


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