A Pasta Story


Once upon a time, a girl’s method of dumping spices instead of measuring spices failed. What was supposed to be a 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes turned into more than a tablespoon.

Her attempts to fish red pepper flakes out of a pan full of uncooked spaghetti, water, and diced tomatoes did not work.

Her husband, once again claiming that his wife was trying to kill him, ordered pizza for dinner. And one pan pasta that normally served one woman and her husband suddenly became a woman’s dinner, lunch, dinner, and lunch.


Luckily, she doctored up the pasta enough the next night that her husband would eat it, too. Two extra cans of tomatoes, a quarter cup of Greek yogurt, half a bag of spinach, and an entire bag of shrimp made for a still-spicy-but-husband-won’t-die dinner.


Will she use a teaspoon next time to measure? Probably not.

The End.



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