First Cookout

Last weekend was wonderful. Midwesterners finally crawled out of hibernation to drive their salt-encrusted cars through the car wash, rev their motorcycles, enjoy leisurely walks in the sun, and grill out for the first time this year.

And pick up all the newspapers that finally crawled out of the tower of snow.


One of Dave’s coworkers came to visit on Saturday with his wife, and we took them to a few antique places in town, Call It New, Call it Antique and Kurtweil’s. Feeling hot in the 40 degree weather while driving in the car certainly is a lesson in relativity. Dave found a cast iron pizza pan that he was ecstatic about; I found a 24 piece plaid plate set for my mom, who I knew had been looking for some new dishes.


I also really wanted this wall mounted coffee grinder….

007But at $168, it will have to be an investment.

Sunday dawned bright and glorious and as it kept getting warmer, I knew we had to grill out. Dave and I went to the grocery store for a Just Bare chicken and a can of baked beans. Baked beans just scream ‘summer’ to me, since we almost always had a can with us when we went on picnics growing up.

After returning from the store, I went on my first bike ride of the year, which fell rather flat after I first got stopped by a train and later couldn’t find a place to get my tires filled.


When I returned home from my 25 minute bike ride, I unearthed Charlie from the moving boxes in the garage and scrubbed him ’til he shone like the top of the top of the Chrysler building.

011Meanwhile, Dave marinated the chicken in lemon juice, za’atar, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cholula, spicy mustard, and olive oil.

I started on a veggie couscous salad for a potluck at work the next day and enjoyed my first summer beverage: a Twisted Tea. Dave suggested malt beverages in lieu of beer, and these teas really were a fun twist on the latter.


We invited our friends Dan and Em over to grill out and they contributed some tasty Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst and Naan to our Marinated Chicken, Baked Beans, and Grilled Brussels Sprouts and Fingerling Potatoes. I only wish I would have remembered to take pictures of the food…Guess I was too excited drinking in the sunshine.



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