Weekend at ‘Beebs

Happy Humpday!

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. I have been training a new employee the last two weeks which has made for very long days. It’s also hard to shake out of my winter routine of ‘work-make dinner-watch tv-read-go to bed’ when winter just won’t end.

We had a nice break from the ordinary last weekend when our friend Shelby came to visit on Saturday. She arrived shortly after I came home from a co-workers baby shower, so my patience didn’t have to be tested at all waiting for one of my best friends.


Cake for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do!

We didn’t have anything specific planned for the weekend, but it was nice just catching up with Shelby. We decided to go out to Habibi’s for dinner at my suggestion. Their food isn’t awesome, but the atmosphere is lovely, and I always have a good time there.




Residents of Stevens Point call it “Gyro Kabobs,” I call it “Habibi’s” because it’s fun to say, and Shelby asked if she could start calling it “Beeb’s.” A place of many names.

We scored our favorite floor seating and ordered some appetizers and sides for dinner.


Sampler plate with extra dolmas.


Cups of Gyro Barley soup.


And a side Greek salad. It was a pretty generous side salad, so I shared with Dave.

We headed back to our place after dinner, where I was pretty much dropping from exhaustion for no apparent reason, so I headed to bed just after ten.

Stevens Point has a lot of cool places, but the city tends to shut down on Sundays. After discovering that none of the antique shops we wanted to check out were open, we decided to head to Graffiti’s for Bloody Mary’s (in keeping with our ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ tradition).


Graffiti’s has a build-you-own Bloody Mary bar where you basically get a glass with ice and vodka and you make your own Bloody to your tastes. As for me, I don’t turn my nose up at anything pickled.

Brunch was a little crock of French Onion soup for all.


After Shelby went home, Dave and I lounged around the rest of the day, which looked a lot like this:




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