Cooking Exercises

A conversation I had earlier this week:

“What are you doing after work?” Me to co-worker.

“Going to the gym, what about you?” Co-worker.

“Making risotto.” Me.

If you know me or read this blog for any semblance of time, you’ll know that spring, summer, and fall are my exercise seasons. I just can’t do winter. It drains me of energy and puts me to bed before 9:00pm, leaving me precious little time for anything productive. Except cooking. That’s my one productive thing for the winter.

Stirring, chopping, sauteing, whisking, mixing…these all must be forms of cooking exercise right?

Risotto is not only a comfort food, but an exercise. It’s like yoga. It scares people off from being too difficult, but that’s because it’s hard to dedicate yourself to doing one thing for more than half an hour. Stirring.

Butter. (stir). Minced onions. (stir). Arborio rice. (stir). Stock. (stir). Wine. (stir). Stirstirstirstirstirstir. Parmesan (stir).

That’s all it is. And behold, something beautiful.


If you add enough veggies at the end, say, some roasted parsnips and plenty of chopped spinach, it’s a one pot wonder.

If you’ve never made risotto before, here’s a link to one of my favorite recipes, courtesy of Rachael Ray: Drunken Risotto.

You can leave the gym early and come home to make it. Or wait until summer. We can both go for a run and then come home and make it together.


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