Weekend in GB

We’ve been living in Stevens Point just over four months now, so we decided to make a trip back to Green Bay this weekend. We’ve been back twice before, once for Thanksgiving and once for Christmas, but those visits were only to see family. My brother Tyler and friend JD offered to put us up for the weekend, and we made no plans other than to see our friends and attend my niece Aurelia’s second birthday party on Sunday.

I was ecstatic to finally be reunited with my siblings. The four Leahy children, together again!


I love these guys so much.

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday, Dave and I lounged at Ty’s apartment watching Sherlock (can’t get enough!) after making breakfast. Dave made his homemade biscuits, Ty fried up some bacon and baked some potatoes with onions, and I fried a few eggs.







Dave even made a special heart-shaped biscuit.


Ty kept asking us that afternoon what we wanted to do and how he could entertain us, but I was perfectly content just spending time with my brother. A few friends came over later for board games, a gigantic game of Rummy, Tek  n Tag, and pizza.





023I sneezed myself awake Sunday morning with a scratchy throat. No amount of hot coffee or hot shower seemed to help. Just one of the many perils of winter, I suppose.

We headed over to my sister Emily’s new apartment around noon where she was hosting Aurelia’s second birthday party. Look at my little Moonbeam!



Em and Christopher had arranged a taco bar with tortillas, taco shells, Boca meat, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, olives, guacamole, salsa cheesecake (courtesy of my mom–Mom, I want that recipe!), and chips. Food bars are always a great idea.



In lieu of a cake, Emily baked brownies and spelled out Happy Birthday.

033 Aurelia looked a little scared when we all started singing Happy Birthday to her, but when I sat on the floor next to her, she broke off a piece of her brownie to give to me and then started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Teach ’em to share at an early age!

I was sad to leave, especially since I hardly got to spend any time with my parents. However, they promised to come visit soon. We have grand plans to go to the Point brewery together, which should be fun.

‘Twas a lovely weekend but all good things must come to an end. Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


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