Spread the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I made you some cookies.





Actually, I made them for work.

But I couldn’t bring them to work because my stupid car is being stupid fixed and I’m stupid stuck at home.

It has not been a fun week at work. Everyone and their mother has blamed me for everything wrong with their lives this week: prescriptions, urine drug tests, extended wait times for phone calls…you name it.

Dave says I should yell back, but there’s only so much I can say without getting fired. And I keep trying so hard to be the better person, when sometimes I really just want to pop someone on the nose. Luckily, for every person that screamed at me, I had another person come up and say, “Don’t worry about that person. They’re being a jerk.”

I had to take my car in again yesterday, because the heat has not been working since I got it back. I let it go for almost two weeks because I didn’t want to be inconvenienced by not having a car again, but it’s just too cold this winter to go without a heated car.

I was in such a bad mood when I got home last night that the fact that Dave made dinner for me didn’t even cheer me up.



And it was one of my favorite meals: salmon en croute with roasted veggies.



I contributed by making my own lemon caper dill sauce to top it with, but since Dave was sleeping, I couldn’t even thank him for dinner.

I had a mini mental breakdown this morning when I couldn’t figure out a way to get to my class or work, so I cured myself the only way I knew how: took a two hour nap, shoveled the driveway to get some Vitamin D, and noshed on some chocolates that my darling husband left on my desk.



I’m in a much better mood now, thankyouverymuch, and I would love to share some cookies with you.

Thanks for sticking with me during this long, cold winter. I love my readers!

I have to share this picture, though, because it’s SO TRUE.


4 thoughts on “Spread the Love

  1. People get so weird this time of year. It’s because of their cold, grey, bucket of suck that they feel frustrated and angry. I’ve never understood why they feel it necessary to spread their bad attitude around running their mouth to people who aren’t to blame! Hang in Chel, Spring is coming! (with any luck).

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