Can a Woman Make a Curry So Spicy

that even a man can’t eat it?



I used yellow curry paste this time in hopes that it wouldn’t be as spicy as the red.


I tasted it right out of the can, and it didn’t taste that spicy to me. A package of diced chicken, a can of coconut milk, a chopped green pepper and onion, a half a bag of spinach, and a cup of chopped cauliflower later, the heat opened up in the wok to a deliciously spicy mess of flavor.




More brown rice and naan bread on the side.


At least the rice wasn’t spicy.


And the naan held up pretty well for being frozen and thawed.

I added about a cup of Greek yogurt to the curry mix to tame down the flavor.


Maybe it’s not as spicy for me, because I eat it so fast? Can’t help it. It’s so good.

Dave hasn’t given up yet, but I think the jarred mild curry paste is going to be his best friend from now on. Oh, well. More leftovers for me.

**Side note: After I wrote this post, Dave asked, “Are you going to tell everyone that you tried to kill me with curry last night?”


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