Another Week Over…

And a new one just begun.

I was so homesick this weekend. Well, I guess I was more “family sick” than anything. When I lived in Green Bay, I saw my siblings about once a week and my parents once every few weeks.

FamNow I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and it was, as Mom put it, “pretty sucky this year.” I think it’s also a combination of having cabin fever from being cooped up inside and not having as many friends in the area as we do in Green Bay. Tyler, Emily, and Moriah and I were supposed to have a “Leahy Sibling Weekend,” but it kept getting rescheduled due to work and various other things that popped up until it was canned for the time being.

I was trying to distract myself on Saturday from thinking too much about how I miss hanging out with my siblings and my parents, so I put on some Irish music and began my Saturday tradition of cleaning the house and then going outside to shovel.



We haven’t really gotten to know our neighbors yet.




This is why.

My car was blowing cold air all last week. One person told me to check the antifreeze, another to check the radiator fluid, and another to check the coolant. I was glad to find out they were all the same thing. Turns out my car was low on antifreeze/coolant/radiator fluid, so Dave and I topped it off. He took his car for a quick oil change while I took a shower, and then we headed out to run some errands. After spending the normal amount of “too much money” at Target, we stopped to check out a local Vietnamese market, Lor’s.







Sometimes while I am driving or out with friends, I think “Man, I could go for some jelly right now.” No need to worry anymore–portable jelly is here to save me!

Dave and I stocked up on curry paste and coconut milk along with a few other grocery items. When we arrived home, I decided to finally use up a leftover can of banana cream pie filling that we’ve had since my 24th birthday.



All I had to do was make the crust.

PicMonkey Collage


After I baked it, I filled the pie with the banana cream pie filling, topped it with whipped cream, and added sprinkles.



How can you look at sprinkles and not be happy?



Dave and I relaxed for a little bit on the couch before I had to take him to the hospital for a sleep study required for his work.




I heated up some split pea soup for my dinner, served in another bread bowl.

016So good and so filling!

Dave had been dreading his sleep study for the last several months, and I was so nervous for him but tried not to show it. I hate when people I love are forced to do something uncomfortable. We got him checked in around 8:30pm, and then I came home to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls while I ate some cookies from the Asian market.





Now with new sports designs!

I went to bed early to read, because I knew Dave would be calling early the next morning to have me come pick him up. I went to pick him up at 5:30 on Sunday morning, and spent the morning reading and watching movies.

We headed over to Dan and Em’s in the early afternoon for Sunday Bloody Sunday, but I wasn’t really in a picture-taking mood. So trust me when I say I had a delicious Bloody Mary, some home brew, and a lovely time with friends. I finally got to see Dan and Em’s wedding pictures, which were gorgeous. The Super Bowl was on, but I was much more interested in the photos.



Oh, and nachos.



I couldn’t help taking a picture of the nachos!

Dave and I left right after half time and came home to more unhealthy food (pizza rolls) and watched Groundhog Day. It was a great end to the weekend.



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