Reunited at Last

This week went by fast. The clinic was really slow during the holiday season and will be again soon with many of the providers on spring break, so it’s been non-stop all week. I’m still thinking about climbing into one of their suitcases so I can go somewhere warm and sunny as well.

Thursday night was another late night at work, and I was welcomed home to a wonderful garlicky aroma. (With a heartfelt “Chelly’s home, Chelly’s home, yay!” because I know some people are wondering).

Dave was in the kitchen making a version of fish and chips. Instead of dredging the fish with flour to hold the batter, he followed Alton’s pellicle method, which worked beautifully.


I told Dave, “I’m not just saying this because I love you, but this is the absolute best fish I’ve ever tasted.” It was light, crispy, and flavorful without being greasy or oil-infused at all. We had no tartar sauce in the house, so I whipped up a tartar-inspired sauce with plain Greek yogurt, chopped pickles, dill weed, sriracha, mustard, salt, and pepper which was a nice accompaniment to the hot, crispy fish.


The “chips” were roasted fingerling potatoes with an entire head of garlic. Of course they were good.

He also roasted some frozen mixed veggies and grape tomatoes with balsamic. Dave is the only one who can make these vegetables palatable for me. As a rule, I don’t like cooked carrots, and I don’t like peas at all (except, weirdly, I love split pea soup, and I don’t mind them in curry).


Dinner wasn’t ready until 9:00pm, and I was so hungry that I finished my entire Dave-sized plate, which left me full until the next afternoon. I invited Dave to do another guest post on the blog with his pellicle method, but we had an even better idea of sharing the blog as a joint project, which I think would be really fun. All who want Dave to join Designs on Dinner, say ‘aye!’

Fortunately, Dave had off Friday despite an earlier meeting, so we could go pick up Serenity from the mechanic. The mechanic assured me that if I wanted to take the guy who sold me Serenity to court, he would back me up, and he saved the pieces of the burnt valve and spark plugs. I’m not sure yet that I want to get in that mess, but for $2,700, I think I might.

I returned Bob to Dan (well, I don’t know if he names his cars, but that’s what I called him, as in : “What the f am I going to do without a car for three weeks?! Wait, what about Bob?”)

We laid low last night and decided to scrounge for dinner, so I pulled out my other frozen Indian dinner.

This one was curried peas and cheese with rice and chana malasa.


It was good, but not as good as the Palak Paneer. I think they tame down the spicy flavor to appeal to more people, but I like my curry to have a little bit more of a bite to it.

This morning I woke up and was very excited to see Serenity through the window.


The mechanic assured me we would have 100,000 more miles together, and I hope he’s right. It’s good to be reunited.


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