Liberties with Shrimp & Grits

I received a text message from Dave while I was at work on Friday.

I’m cooking you supper! Love!

What are you making me?

20 minutes later….


I came home to find Dave had taken even more liberties with shrimp and grits, this time substituting the shrimp for tuna steaks. And of course he took pictures for me.





Since it was still a bit early when I came home, he told me to let him know when I was hungry and he’d finish the dish for me. As soon as I’d had a cocktail, I told him I was hungry, and he broiled the egg and let me top it off with some shredded Asiago.



Yeah, I know it’s not the prettiest of meals, but it was soooo good.

Now he’s in the kitchen making split pea soup in his new pressure cooker. I think I’ll just lounge around and wait for him to bring dinner to me….


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