Holiday Noshes

My brain is spinning with all the food I’m making in the next few weeks for the holidays. First up is a dish for our work party Monday night. Since the party is taking place right at the clinic where I work, I have to bring my dish with me in the morning.

I don’t relish the idea of finding an outlet for my crockpot or jamming a tray of food into an overcrowded fridge, so I was wracking my brain for a good room temperature dish to pass and finally decided on Spinach Feta Puffs. Dave and I made these for Christmas last year, and I love them. Spinach and feta is such a winning combination.

For Christmas with Dave’s family, each couple is to make three appetizers and a cocktail to share, and we really haven’t gotten anywhere yet. I finally decided earlier this week to try my hand at risotto balls and talked Dave into us making Santa’s Little Helper for our cocktail, but the last two appetizers are still up in the air.

For my extended family, we always do food exchanges on both sides of the family. Since sweet abound this time of year, I usually try to make something savory. Last year I made soft pretzels, which turned out wonderfully. I kind of wanted to keep them for myself, and I was happy when my sister Moriah ‘won’ them.

This year, I’ve decided on Chicken Alfredo Lasagna, which I remember making for my parent’s anniversary almost ten years ago. I know I saved the recipe on my computer, but if I can’t find it, this one looks like a good option. I think I’ll make them this weekend and freeze them for their recipient.

As for what I’m actually making as my dish to pass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I have absolutely no idea yet!

What kind of goodies are you making this holiday season?


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