When the guest list for our housewarming/double birthday party exceeded twenty, we decided to dial down the fancy of our food. Instead of our Thanksgiving-themed appetizers, we decided on stuffed bread, fondue, guacamole, white bean dip, chicken bacon jalapeno bites, and veggies with ranch dip.

Of course this meant that preparing the food took practically no time at all when we split it amongst the four of us, and I was painstakingly waiting for people to start to arrive. Dave went to the store for paper plates and plastic cups (smart man), and brought us back some lunch while we finished cooking and cleaning.


Oh, how I have missed sushi.

At four o’clock, friends started to arrive. The tree was lit, the candles were lit, the music was on, the food was out. And the fun began.


121 003 In addition to the food Dan, Emily, Dave and I made, my sister Emily made a delicious mulled wine, Moriah brought her famous chocolate chip cookies, and my friend Tess baked an amazing chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting for Dan and Em’s birthdays.002 117 114 112 077 086 091 110 097 070 068 065 063 064 055 047 044 034 041 032 036 021 017 015 013 012 010

It was just as a housewarming party should be. We drank a little too much, ate a little too much, juggled eggs (hem, Emily), made pumpkin Brandy Alexanders in the blender (I didn’t know that was a thing), hugged a lot, laughed a lot, danced a lot.


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