I’ve been enjoying my tree to pieces while knitting after work. Just looking at it makes me happy. Unfortunately, whenever I turn out the light to just knit by the tree-light, I end up with holes in my knitting…but I guess that’s my penance.

Other people’s trees make me happy, too. This is our friends’ tree that we decorated last Sunday….isn’t it purdy?




We even have one at work. Trees everywhere!



As usual, Dave made dinner for me on Monday night.



Sesame crusted salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and some Brussels sprouts that I pan fried with bacon. Was the bacon necessary? No. Was it delicious? Yes.

Tuesday night I made a snack plate dinner with cheese, tomatoes, pickles, and pretzels. Wednesday, I did not feel like cooking after a busy day, some holiday shopping, and being just too plain ol’ comfy on the couch with my knitting and tree lights.

But Dave worked late, which stirred something like a mixture of guilt and love up in me, and I ended up spending time in the kitchen to make this:



A tortellini pasta dish with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, shrimp, and Parmesan cheese. If cooking is love, I must really love that guy! It was very tasty.

Unfortunately,  I can’t share any of my holiday shopping finds except for this stuffed puppy for Aurelia.



Is another stuffed animal necessary? No. Is it super fluffy and cute? Yes.


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