O Tannenbaum

One of my favorite post-Thanksgiving traditions is decorating the tree with Davy. I have so many wonderful family members and friends that the holiday season has always been very special to me, and it was made even more so five years ago when Dave and I decorated our first apartment together, lay down on the couch with our cat Athena, and Dave presented me with a beautiful ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.



What’s even more fun is that the last few years, we were able to get a real tree: sticky sap, pine needle carpet, heavenly smell and all. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is how we pick out our tree: Dave points out Griswold-sized monstrosities, I point to Charlie Brown trees, and we eventually decide on one that just grazes the ceiling. We’ve got a system, and it works just fine. Dave just needs a little reigning in sometimes.

Our tradition became even more fun this year when we went as a foursome with our friends Dan and Emily, who just bought a house and were ready for their first real tree. Dave and I cleaned up the house a bit and moved the recliner to make room. Breakfast was decided for me by the refrigerator when I opened the fridge and a carton of eggs jumped onto the floor, leaving two cracked.



Thus, fried eggs on spinach, topped with a little mustard.

After running a few errands, we met Em and Dan at their house and headed to a cut-your-own-tree place I found via Google: Pheasant Pines.



After the twenty-minute drive, we were greeted by a flock of guinea hens clucking and chattering away. The owners were very friendly and directed us to the trails that led through their 80 acre lot, used for both a Christmas tree farm and a pheasant hunting preserve.



It was a beautiful day for a walk and, though we saw a lot of nice trees right at the beginning, we were enjoying the fresh air too much to stop so soon.



Em found her prize tree right away: a beautiful Blue Spruce that we took a photo of to mark for later.



After I talked Dave down from a few 20 foot trees, we finally found the perfect Leahy-Dowe tree.





Dave carried it all the way back to where Em and Dan’s tree sat waiting.



First tree together!



Twenty points if you can spot Emily’s face.



Em cut the tree down herself, and then Dan sawed off a perfect coaster-sized end for the coffee thermos.




We carried our trees back to the lodge, and the owners tied up our trees while we munched on some popcorn and picked out a couple wreaths.





The family had a wonderful dog named Ocho who I had to stop myself from bringing home. I think Aurelia gets her affection for puppies from her aunts and uncle.



The four of us have so much fun together. I hope we can keep this tradition for a long time.

We each went to our respective houses to set up the trees, and then Dan and Em came over to help decorate.



It’s a beaut, Clark!



And I love my pretty wreath.

After the tree, wreath, and Christmas village were up, we sat down for a long winter’s viewing of Love Actually. Such a good movie.






We planned to order dinner, but I ate so many snacks during the movie that we just sort of skipped over that part.



Getting a tree must have been more exhausting than I thought, because I ended up falling asleep on the couch and having to go to bed earlier than anticipated. I guess I needed my rest for Sunday Bloody Sunday.


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