Holiday on the Lakeshore

My mom, my sister Emily, and I have a tradition the weekend of Holiday on the Lakeshore of working at the show from 3-8pm on Friday, then heading back to my parent’s house to have a fire, drink wine, and watch our first holiday movie of the year: The Family Stone.

I worked this Friday, so I made the two hour trek to my parent’s house afterwards. I am turning into an old-lady driver and do not like driving on highways in the dark–it’s scary! I ran over part of a dead deer and just about had a heart attack when a leaf scuttled in front of me, and I thought it was some poor critter. *shudder*

I arrived at my parent’s house before Mom and Em made it back, and when I opened the door, I still half-expected our (now passed away) dog Sage to run and greet me at the door, tail-wagging and all excited.

2005_ (89)


There’s a strong possibility that I am overly sentimental about….well, everything.

I set to work building a fire while I waited for them to arrive, and I sat in front, cross-legged on the floor, reading Anne of Avonlea on my kindle.



When they got back, Em made us a lovely snack plate for dinner with smoked salmon, cheese, bread, and grapes.



With a glass of Cranbernet wine on the side, it was a lovely dinner.

I was so excited to see them that we talked through most of the movie, but that’s okay–I have plenty of time to rewatch it this holiday season. I pulled out the couch, and this was my last view before going to sleep.



Sleeping in front of a fire is one of my favorite things to do.

The next morning I woke up and shouted “Someone come build me a fire!” but instead Mom made me a fried egg and toasted bread with butter.



Then we gussied ourselves up and headed to the show.



Here we are in front of our booth!


PicMonkey Collage


Holiday on the Lakeshore is a two-day gift show with a bunch of local vendors selling homemade pottery, scarfs, jewelry, artwork, food, and, of course TEA!



We had brewed Chocolate Mint tea to sample, as well as my Maple Walnut Tea Cookies, and Smokey Tea Dip made with Lapsang Souchong. Our samples always go over well. A sure fire way to get people to your booth is to lure them with food. We completely sold out of Maple Walnut Tea, and we sold many bags of Lapsang Souchong.

The local choir came in to sing a few carols during the day, which were lovely.



Best of all, my friend Shelby came from Green Bay to help us.



With my mom, Emily, and Shelby there, it was such a fun day. Working at a show can always be a little hectic, but with four people to write receipts, wrap, and explain the varieties of tea, it went quite smoothly.



Em went to Applebee’s to get us lunch: a honey chicken shrimp dish with green beans and roasted potatoes.



It was quite tasty, but unfortunately they forgot to give us forks. We tracked down some spoons from the coffee shop, and had fun trying to balance green beans and cut chicken with them.

I was having such a good time that I was a little sad to leave, but I know I will see Mom, Em, and Shelby again at Thanksgiving, so I’ll barely have time to miss them.

Plus Dave promised me a special dinner when I came home, and he certainly delivered: his famous deep dish pizza and two vegetarian pizzas.



We brought them over to our friend Dan and Em’s (not to be confused with my sister Em) house, where they were hosting a small Dr. Who party.



Dave and I haven’t started watching Dr. Who yet (horrible, I know), so we stuck to the kitchen until their show was over.



So much has happened already this weekend that I feel like I have two Sundays. Can’t wait to start my second one!


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