The Weekend That Wasn’t

I’ve decided that last weekend didn’t really count. It was too short, too hard, too emotional, and extremely unsatisfying.

But I did accomplish two things.



Firstly, I received a bag of daffodil bulbs from one of my dear friends at my old work place in Green Bay. Mom was going to help me plant them when she was up for the weekend, but it started sleeting before we got around to it, and the bulbs and her trowel went into the garage.



I kept forgetting and forgetting until I sent Mom an urgent email, she said, “They’ll rot!” and I dashed outside Saturday morning to plant my pretty bulbs.



Hopefully, come spring, I’ll have lots of daffodils greeting me when I go outside. To plant bulbs is the most wonderful kind of hope, isn’t it?

Our second task was pretty horrid. It started as a ridiculously kind gesture from Dave’s mother who ordered us a washer and dryer, and it ended with us having one in our house, so that’s all that matters.



No matter that in between involved many frustrating phone calls, a $115 dollar trip to Wausau with a U-Haul, cold rain, a trip to the city garage to drop off our old washer, a freak-out at the gas station, and a worried call from Dave that the ducting (?) didn’t fit.



$19.95, my foot.



Look how pretty, though!

Our washer and dryer are located in the kitchen, which is kind of a weird place, so we bought some curtains to at least provide a little coverage.



I spent most of Sunday trying to knit, where I learned that I enjoy casting on way more than actual knitting, and also that my metal needles are far too slippery to be productive. It is one of my goals for the winter to learn to knit, though, so I must keep at it.



And now it’s Tuesday, so at least Monday’s passed.

I’m looking forward to a good weekend coming up. It is Holiday on the Lakeshore this Friday and Saturday—a big holiday gift show in Manitowoc, WI with local vendors selling their wares, including my mom’s tea shop. I’m heading to her place on Friday night after work to help her and Emily on Saturday, and my friend Shelby is even coming to help. Perhaps next weekend will be twice as good to make up for the last.

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!


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