Cooking and the Aftermath

I returned home from work late Monday to the best thing: a warm house filled with the sounds of cooking. Dave was in the kitchen cooking after his even longer day at work, because he thought I’d like to come home to a hot meal. Gosh, I love that man.

On the menu was sesame-encrusted salmon.



Yum. I loved the bright little pops of sesame seeds with the flaky, juicy salmon. (The leftovers made an awesome lunch the next day with some steamed broccoli).

But even better on that cold night was his Asian-inspired soup made with vegetables, dried mushrooms, and rice noodles.004


I’ve been eating a lot of soup this fall, and I love it. Besides boots, scarves, and colorful leaves, the best thing about fall is making and eating lots of soup.

The next night, I brainstormed for a way to use a jar of homemade salsa verde that my sister Emily made for me.



I started by crisping up some chicken tenders in olive oil in our cast iron dutch oven.



When they were brown on both sides, I added sliced green pepper and onion, and the jar of salsa verde. I let it simmer, covered, for about fifteen minutes before I realized it was a little too soupy to eat on it’s own, so I added some brown rice to absorb the juice and let it cook for ten more minutes. I also added some sriracha, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder.



Earlier in the day, I had pulled out a stack of frozen homemade tortillas that Dave bought from a Green Bay Mexican restaurant that is now closed. Bummer for those who live in GB, because even though their food wasn’t that outstanding, their homemade tortillas were awesome.



I topped my chicken and rice tacos with chopped tomatoes, plain Greek yogurt, shredded cheddar, and guacamole. Then I realized it was missing something for flavor and color.



Much better after the addition of tomatoes.

Since Dave and I both like cooking, most nights, I come home to this:



What a horrible sight.

I used to really enjoy doing dishes when I was young and lived at my parent’s house. My four siblings and I would share the task, so one would wash, one rinse, one dry, and one put away. Maybe I should hire them to come back and help me do dishes? Either way, it hasn’t been a fun task for a very long time.

I decided the best way to enjoy doing dishes is to blast music and cook at the same time. So far, it’s working!



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