Sushi Night

Last night after work, I took a shower and got all dressed up with no place to go. It was the first weekend that we haven’t had visitors (although my sister Emily is coming tomorrow!) and we weren’t sure what to do. I almost forgot that we don’t need a whole host of people around us to have fun–Dave and I are fun!


So I suggested a sushi date night.

We’re still figuring out the nooks and crannies of Stevens Point so we googled two sushi restaurants: Matsu Ya and The Bamboo House and decided to try the former for dinner.



We took a seat at the bar and waited almost ten minutes before anyone came to ask us if we wanted a drink. We ordered a bottle of warm sake to share, which was delicious, then each ordered a beer.



There’s definitely a lot of Point beer available in this town.

The restaurant wasn’t more than half full, so it was crazy how slow the service was. Everyone working there looked very sad and tired, including the sushi chefs.



Dave and I have both worked food service before, so we know it isn’t all fun and games, but the staff was barely speaking to each other, much less joking around.



We noticed a pattern while perusing the menu: “broiled eel,” “fried shrimp,” “smoked salmon” —-almost the entire menu was cooked fish! We weren’t sure if that was so they didn’t have to order sushi-grade fish, but the prices definitely reflected it as it was pretty affordable.

We ordered three rolls to start: a spicy tuna roll, a mackerel roll, and a seaweed salad roll. I was really interested in the seaweed salad roll even though it was vegetarian, because I love the salty, slippery taste of seaweed salad.



I usually love spicy tuna rolls, but this one was just….weird. I wasn’t entirely convinced the tuna was even raw, because it was chopped up so finely and mixed with a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t really pick out. Dave thought they just did that to stretch the raw tuna, so who knows.

The mackerel roll was average, but by far my favorite was the seaweed salad roll, which I was surprised by, since it didn’t even have any fish in it. As we were eating our sushi, I noticed one of the chefs pour himself a huge tumbler full of wine and start drinking it right behind the bar.

When our glum waitress came back to ask us if we wanted to order more, I said, “No, I’m fine.” Dave later asked, “Do you not want to order more for the same reason I do?” and we shared a knowing look. We’re foodie soulmates. We usually spend almost a hundred dollars when we go out for sushi, so it was shocking when our bill arrived for $26 something, which included our sake and beers.

Since we’re 0 for 2 on sushi restaurants, we decided to stop at the Copps in town to see if they sell grocery store sushi. They do! What a relief.

We were both still hungry when we got home, so I filled myself a wine glass full of Cheez-Its and hunkered down for an episode of Modern Family before turning in early with my book.

The sushi wasn’t great, but at least I had some one-on-one time with my Davy! He turned 27 last Monday and we celebrated the weekend before with a pajama party, cards, The Birdcage, and baklava. I’m still waiting for his birthday present to arrive: a Ghostbusters iPhone case. I guess we should just keep celebrating his birthday until it gets here.



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