I had to post again today, because it feels like the day he-who-must-not-be-named was vanquished!

I got a call about an hour ago from our apartment manager saying she approved an application, and someone will be moving into our apartment. Huzzah! At the worst, we’ll have to pay one month’s rent for the place we’re leaving, but she’s trying to convince the guy to move in mid-October so we can split the cost.

This means we don’t have to give up eating, health insurance, or our phones! Gosh, I am so relieved.

This whole situation was causing a lot of stress on me and Dave, and I’m glad we can just deal with the stress of moving without all the other stuff mixed in.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, status shares, vent release , and jars of mustard.

I don’t want to advocate being irrational, but sometimes unexpectedly good things do happen. So take that, world. I’ve got you on a string right now.


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