Getting Creative

My meals are going to get real creative this week. We haven’t made a grocery store run in a few weeks, and I’m trying to use up what we have to save money and the hassle of moving it.

Last night’s dinner was a crab salad wrap made from some thawed crab chunks Dave must have had in the freezer for crab rangoon (mixed with minced red onion, celery, dijon mustard, tabasco, miracle whip, salt, and pepper), mashed potatoes made from a box of flakes I bought to make soup two years ago, and roasted balsamic green beans from a bag I found in the freezer.

While I was making dinner last night, I was also prepping dinner for tonight, because I have to hightail it to Appleton after work for an HRA. I found a “suggestion” in my Vegetarian Times magazine for a pizza with tofu, sweet potatoes, caramelized onion, and kalamata olives that sounded pretty good. I caramelized the onions last night and roasted the sweet potatoes along with the green beans.

I also shredded the cheese, because pizza needs cheese. I like tofu as much as the next adventurous eater, but don’t take away my cheese!

While I was cooking up a storm in the kitchen, wearing my see-through yoga pants and a baggy Flogging Molly t-shirt, the doorbell rang. Apparently I have no concept of time, because when I came home from work to see a sign on our door saying maintenance was coming on the 24th, I thought that was Wednesday. No such luck. The maintenance man got to see me and my boxed-up apartment in all our glory.

On another note, my photos refuse to upload to the blog anymore. And since a blog is boring without pictures, I think I’m going to take a break so I can figure out my computer. And my life. šŸ˜€

If you want to know what my next post is, “like” Designs on Dinner on Facebook or enter your email to subscribe! Otherwise just check back in a week. I’ll probably be here.


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