Keep Swimming

I upgraded my phone to the new ios7 program last week. Since I don’t know much about smartphones, I didn’t find out until afterwards that it’s smarter to wait a few weeks until all the kinks are worked out. Noted.

Fortunately, I wasn’t having any problems with my phone until this morning when I tried to upload all the pictures I took this weekend and received plenty of “ERROR: INCORRECT FILE FORMAT” or “ERROR: UNABLE TO SAVE.” Boo. Hiss.

I was able to salvage three pictures from the thirty I took. I really hope this problem goes away. A life without pictures is a sad life.

Look who made us dinner Friday night!


Shelby invited a few people over Friday night for a delicious honey-mustard marinated, roasted chicken.


And potatoes with garlic and herbs.

Because it’s physically impossible for me to arrive empty-handed (and I was really bored sitting alone by myself Friday afternoon), I brought a couscous salad.


Our apartment is a mess. I’ve packed up all my books and removed all the artwork from the walls to spackle and clean. We still haven’t heard for sure if anyone is moving into our apartment, althought the apartment manager told me yesterday that she has a very promising application.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep my head about me. It seems silly to hope for something good to happen when almost nothing unexpectedly good ever happens to us. And our apartment is far from cozy while I wait to find out my future.

Luckily I’ve still got my friends and my Davy to help me keep swimming.


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