Adventures of the House Hunters

For the first time possibly ever, the weekend feels longer than normal. Saturday was like two days rolled into one.

Our adventures started Friday afternoon when I raced home from work, hopped in Dave’s car with him and a couple overnight bags, and sailed to Appleton for a drug test for my new job.

Passed with flying colors! I’ve never had a urine drug test before, only a hair test, so it certainly was an adventure. We hopped back on the highway and made the trek (for the five hundredth time) to Stevens Point.

Emily had a meeting with her co-workers at a local bar, so we met Dan there and had a couple drinks while they talked music (Em is a music teacher). Afterwards, we headed to Schmeekle Reserve for an evening walk.


I plan to make this my running trail.


The rest of the night was spent at Dan and Em’s house doing our fabulous foursome thing.

Saturday morning we awaited the arrival of Dan’s mom Ceci so we could all go to the market together.


Guess what? It’s boot season!


The market is still going strong! I really wanted to pick up some bread from the market, and we were in luck. Both the Amish and the French baker were there.


Just look at that beautiful bread. We bought a sourdough bulle and a French baguette from the (obviously) French bakery and a loaf of Rosemary Garlic bread from the Amish family. Dave and I only stayed at the market a little while, because we had an appointment at 11:30 to meet at an office regarding a duplex we thought we were interested in. Key word: thought.


This was the “office.”


This was the landlord’s house next to the “office,” pigeon coop and all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the duplex. Pros: nothing. Cons: EVERYTHING. It was in the sketchiest part of town, and the duplex was completely ripped up despite the fact that it was “move-in-ready” two weeks ago. The toilet, which was perched on top of the sink instead of on the floor, threatened syphilis if we ever sat upon it. We took all of five minutes looking at the place, before Dave checked his phone and said, “Oh, honey, we better get going so we can get to our next appointment at noon.” True love.

We were five feet outside the door when I said, “Is it too soon to start laughing?”

It was not. We laughed our way all to Graffiti’s, where we promptly ordered Bloody Marys.



Dave said, “I would rather sleep in a tent than live in that duplex.” My husband is not an outdoorsy person, and sleeping in a tent is one of his versions of hell. That’s how bad the duplex was.

Dan, Em, and Ceci met us back at Graffiti’s and we shared some appetizers while we waited for our next appointment (which was actually at one).


Crab roll-ups.


And cheese curds.

Then we made our trek to look at a small house for rent. Pros: good neighborhood, inexpensive, has a yard (with a garden for Chel!) and a fire pit, and has a guest bedroom. Cons: the house needs a little love (hem, work), it’s not very attractive on the outside, and the inside is set up a little wonky.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time to keep looking, so we decided to apply for the house. I’m more excited than Dave is, but maybe that’s because I have a big imagination. I did not have a big enough imagination for that duplex. *shudder*

Stevens Points has a lot of really great antique shops, and we had fun looking at all the treasures.









And trying on hats.



I love hats!



After a few hours of antiquing, we started to head back to Em & Dan’s house, but first we stopped for ice cream.



Ice cream within walking distance? Win.



I ordered a small chocolate malt.



When I worked at Nicolet Restaurant in high school as a toast girl and runner, the waitresses hated making malts and shakes, so they’d pay me $2 to do it.

We brought our ice cream back to the house and chatted for a few more minutes before making the drive back home.

My friend Shelby and her mom came over for a visit, then Tyler.



We shared a few Harvest Moon beers, pointed out plot holes in Beauty and the Beast, and made sandwiches for dinner.



Tofurkey, swiss cheese, muenster cheese, pickles, romaine, tomatoes and creamy caper dill mustard on rosemary garlic bread. A perfect sandwich.

I was falling asleep on the couch and finally put myself to bed.


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