Fingers Crossed

There’s been a lot of finger crossing going on lately.


I hate when there are no pictures on craiglist, so I initially bypassed some promising houses and duplexes for rent in Stevens Point at a reasonable price. I made a few phone calls yesterday and set up two appointments for Dave and I on Saturday to see them in person.

I am really excited about the prospect of a house or duplex, mostly so we can actually invite our family to stay with us when they come visit and also so I can have a yard. So hopefully it works out.

Other things I am excited for:

  • Getting to eat breakfast again (3:30-4:00am just doesn’t work for me now)
  • Exercising before work instead of after (I’ve been terrible at that lately)
  • Not having to work holidays or weekends (I was really depressed about working on Thanksgiving this year)
  • Living in the same city as my besties Emily and Dan (I’ve lived in the same city as Dan before, but Em graduated college before we did and moved to Shawano, then Stevens Point)

Em and Dan have been looking out for my best interests already.


Apparently they sell my beloved creamy dill mustard with capers in Stevens Point, too. You don’t want to know how many jars we’ve gone through in the last week. (Cough, four).

I worked late yesterday, so after I got home and washed all the dishes from the previous night, I did not feel like dirtying any more dishes. I thought about making a snack plate for dinner, but the brussels sprouts were calling my name.

Well, I can wash one pan.


I threw a sweet potato in there, too., and an onion from Dad’s garden.

Then I realized the tomatoes he gave me should be used up, too, so I made a pasta sauce to go over the roasted veggies. Two pans. And two spoons.


Huuuuge tomato.


I chopped it up and added a little wine, basil, oregano, fennel, salt, and pepper, then let it simmer for about twenty minutes while the veggies were roasting. It was a little soupy, so I added some bread crumbs to thicken it up.


Worked like a charm.


Both our cheese graters were in the dishwasher, so I chopped up the Parmesan to add to my veggie dish.



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