Change is in the Air

The weather has been strange lately. Warm, humid days and cool nights that feel almost autumnal (there you go, MJ). Remember when we were kids, how you could always feel the change as fall began?

Even when I wasn’t excited for school, the change still excited me. The cold air, crunchy leaves, new school clothes, pens, and notebooks begging to be written upon. It felt like a new start, even if it wasn’t January.

Just as I posted yesterday morning about the things I’m excited about, there are also things I will desperately miss when I leave Green Bay.

My family.


I’m used to seeing my parents at least twice a month, if not more, and I see my siblings even more than that. They are some of my best friends, and it will be sad to be away from them. Not only that, but my extended family also lives in the Green Bay area, including my grandparents.

However, and this might sound weird, it makes me feel like we’re evening the playing field. Dave’s parents live in Illinois, and it never seemed fair that we were so close to my family and so far from his. Now we’ll be far away from both, but still close enough to visit!

Watching Aurelia grow up.


Now I know why my mom wants all her grandbabies to live close to her. The thought that I might leave before she knows my name and might not recognize me when I return hurts a little bit…err…a lot.

I think it would be different if she were older, but knowing that months could pass in between when I see her instead of weeks while she’s growing up is a little unnerving. I can just picture it now: “Hi Auntie Chel, this is my new boyfriend Marcus. Can we stay with you? Mom’s totally a buzzkill.” Ahhh!

My co-workers.


I was terrified when I started working at the hospital in Green Bay, because it’s huuuuge. 1,800 employees, yikes! But I’ve met so many great people here and made so many honest-to-goodness friends in co-workers that it will be hard not seeing them.

Luckily, I have Facebook and an email address to keep in touch, but I will miss chatting with them in person.

My friends.

They, along with my family, are the reason I haven’t left yet. My circle of friends is really my second family. I was always scared to move away for fear that I’d never meet such good friends again. Luckily, Dan and Em are part of that group, and they’ll be in the same city. We’ve always made an effort to see them, and I know our friends in Green Bay will make the same effort to see us. We will, of course, return the favor. But I’ll miss having John randomly pop over on a Saturday and forcing him to shred cheese for homemade pizza or asking Shelby to come over for a glass of wine after work.

Change is good. But change is hard.


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