Too Much on My Mind

I’ve been such a space cadet this week when it comes to taking photos. Too many things on my mind, I guess. Thankfully, most of my car worries are finally behind me. All I have to do now is add a new car to our car insurance policy and take off the old one.

I have to say, the two people I dealt with in purchasing a new car and selling my old car were the least untrustworthy car people with whom I have ever dealt. I usually go into every mechanic or car shop expecting the other person to try to screw me over (especially because I’m a woman), but I had a really good gut instinct about Denny’s Auto Service and Wisneski Sales. In fact, Dave said he wants to turn Denny into our mechanic.


Denny bought the old Serenity from me yesterday for $500, which I thought was very fair. I told him that next time I hoped I could bring him a car that didn’t cost $3,000 to fix. Sheesh. I was a little sad to see it go, because Dave’s grandma had gifted the car to him a few years ago and is gone now.

As soon as the car was sold, I made a new purchase on Amazon: a Serenity sticker for my new car.


For those of you not in the know, Firefly is one of my absolute favorite shows, and ‘Serenity’ is the name of the spaceship on which the crew flies, named after the Battle of Serenity Valley. It seemed unfair that the name should die so quickly after only two months on my old car, so I simply had to keep the name.

After Dave and I returned home from signing the title over on the Mazda and cleaning everything out, I was exhausted and decided to eat canned soup for dinner with some whole wheat saltines.


I love soup for dinner and have been missing it this summer. Last night was pretty cool though, so it was a perfect excuse.

I decided to go to bed early to catch up on sleep and start a new book at the same time. Big mistake.


I downloaded The Cuckoo’s Calling for my Kindle a few weeks ago. I thought I would have time to read it on my trip, but I was mistaken. I would normally never pick up a crime fiction novel, but this book had me hooked from the start. Though the plot is what you’d expect, the characters are likable and well-rounded (something I had a problem with in Rowling’s previous novel, The Casual Vacancy), and the telling is beautiful.

I literally could not stop reading it until Dave came to bed at 9:00pm and made me turn off the light. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes, but I’m 25% through right now and so far, so good!


2 thoughts on “Too Much on My Mind

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Cuckoo’s Calling so far! I just dug in last night and am intrigued, for sure. It’s funny though — all I keep thinking of is “this is J.K. Rowling’s voice.” I really wish that I had somehow found this book before that news came out!

    • I found it pretty easy to disengage her voice from the text after a little while. There’s a slim chance I would have read the book if I hadn’t known it was written by Rowling (because I’m not big into crime fiction), but I agree–it would have been really fun to read first! I loved it.

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